A Trauma Faced by a Woman

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A woman is considered to be desirous of getting marriage with a rich man,

whereas, she looks for a spouse who will b able to provide her shelter, clothing and all things necessary for her living only for this she is assumed greedy..

While the real cupidity is when a man who earns handsome salary but still wants to get marriage with a woman who holds job, as i have seen majority of us, in my society ask whether she has job before sending proposals. She doesn’t get good rishta unless she has job.

Specifically it is all about Men who are doctors, engineers or well educated man working as officer, express desire and crave for wealth and are swayed to her status.

If she is jobless she is considered beneath She has to bear the brunt that even her education is least respected.
On other side a woman with job is is not even asked whether she knows to perform household all they want is wealth.

There should be no discrimination between working class woman and housewife.

I’d say to all readers please value every woman and don’t be fooled by her status or wealth it can be lost over night rather accept a woman as your wife as your companion and not for what she has.
Allah says wealth is not a blessing rather it is a test similarly status is not a blessing it is a test now its up to you how you deal with your test if it pleases Allah it would become a blessing but if you emit description Allah don’t like or want his slaves being discriminated. And never forget undermining someone’s feeling will not please Allah.
Be good emit positive vibes and respect her.

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