Age Of Ignorance In The Arab History & Birth Of The Last Prophet Of Islam Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W

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Age Of Ignorance In The Arab History

The Arabs were completely lost in the polytheism and forgotten the message of creator. The Holy Ka’aba was full Idols too. Every house had it’s own idol, Sun, Moon,Stones,Tress, Stars etc were also being worshiped. They did not believe the life after death and were not responsible for their actions and deeds. Drinking, Gambling and all kind of other vice were common.

In particular, women and orphans were in dire condition and were very impotent. Women were considered as Chattel, they could be brought and sold at will. A man could keep and marry as many women as he could afford, as they were sold at cost. And after his death his son would marry his wife (stepmother). Stepmothers were legal wives because their father had paid for it. Widow and orphans had no right to inheritance. Slaves were treated ruthlessly.
There was no any settled government. Every tribe had it’s own Cheif who would govern his tribe. There was opposition among tribes. People would fight for generations over small issues.

Birth Of The Last Prophet Of Islam Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w :

According to divine law, whenever people were completely misguided and misleaded, prophets were send to guide these people to the light.

Last prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w was born among these people of Arabs. When they completely forgotten the message of Creator.

He s.a.w was born to Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abdul Mutalib and Bibi Amina binte Wahab on 12th Rabi-ul-Awal 571 AD. His father died before his birth and left a few camels, goats and a slave girl Umme-Aiman in inheritance.
He was named Muhammad (the one who is highly praised) by his grandfather Hazrat Abdul Mutalib. The name was unfamiliar to Quraish so someone asked Hazrat Abdul Mutalib about it, he replied “I have named him Muhammad so that his name may be praised on the Earth and in the Heavens”.

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