Be safe On The Internet

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Considering that we live in a superfast society, there hardly be anyone without internet nowadays. Same goes for youngsters who are first in the race to use the internet and social media. With all these things, the thing that haunts our subconscious is the danger, all those dangers that lurked on every corner of the internet that might cause problems for us.

All the fun and entertainment on one side and being safe on the internet on one side. Here’s how to be safe on the internet.


Don’t use easy, obvious and lazy passwords like your name or the birthday of your dog. Put up a challenging password that only you know. It’s better to add a number to make it more complex and make it harder to guess. Never write down any of your passwords on a piece of paper as anyone can read them. Passwords should be of a suitable length, not too long or short. The key point is to make sure that you remember your password. Change your passwords regularly. Try not to put up the same password of every account on the internet. One account hacked, all other accounts in danger.

Terms and Services

Always remember to carefully read this section of any unknown0unfaamiliar website before signing creating an account or giving out information. This is so because it is like a contract in real life and if you agree without looking to, chances are you’ll probably end up giving more concessions and info to the site than you would like to. So don’t try to take a shortcut, remember the internet isn’t a child’s play, its real life; one small mistake here can make you regret later, big time!

Anti Virus programme

Make sure you are using an anti-virus program, for example, Norton, Avast etc. Viruses are mischievous programs that can cause damage on entering your system and even erase contents off your hard disk. Although it is illegal to do so, many people may deliberately plant viruses on someone’s computer! Antivirus programs scan your computer for viruses and remove them.

 Anti Virus programme

Beware Of Unknown People

Most youngsters are too foolish to understand that not everyone can be trusted online; this is the major drawback of the internet. Never trust an unknown person online and disclose any personal information to them as this may be dangerous; seeing as many such people have without a down been frauds cyberbullies and internet criminal waiting to get their hands on innocent people!

Separate Account

With the rapid increase in the use of social media, you have to connect yourself to all sort of people in your life on the internet. It includes everyone like a teacher, your boss to your family and friends. Many times it becomes difficult to sort out what posts and information you would like specific people to see. Use separate accounts for different purposes so that it’s easy for you to manage accounts.

Restricted Acess

Most websites provide you with the option to restrict access to certain content. This means that you are able to hide things from certain people or the entire public in general. Use these options to increase your privacy. Be safe!

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