Benefits Of Almonds To Human Health

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1.Almonds as Antioxident

Almonds are ecxellent antioxident.Almonds as antioxident protect  against any oxidative stress, that can damage cells and donate against  inflammation, disease  like cancer  and  aging.

2.Best Nutrient

Almond is the edible seed of Prunus dulcis.Eating  28 grams of almonds per day provides fibres , protein, fat, vitamin  E, Manganese and Magnesium.Almonds provide 161 calories .

3.Source of Vitamin E

Almond is among the top best source of Vitamin E.Vitamin E belong to family of Fat soluble antioxidents.Vitamin E has many benefical impacts o human body, so eating enough of almonds will be a good source of Vitamin E.

4.Blood sugar control

Almonds have consderable amount of magnesium and many other mineral that help in blood sugar control.Eating almonds help prevent 2 Diabetes and metabolic syndrome and both of the are very dangerous for health.

5.Control of Blood Pressure

Presence of Magnesium in almonds also help to maintain the level of blood pressue.High blood pressure leads to stroke ,heart attack and kidney failure.So eating almonds help to prevent these death taking diseases.

6.Maintenance of Cholestrol level

There are two types of Cholestrol in Human body.Good cholestrol and bad cholestrol.High level of bad cholestrol in human body is a leading factor for various heart diseases.Almonds have the ability to control the level of cholestrol by eating about one or two handful of almonds perday.

7.Weight loss

Every Fat and overweighted person desires to be slim and smart with balanced weight.People do various remedies for weight loss that are difficult and time taking.Eating three to four almonds help to lose weight in few months.

8.Improve Brain health

Almonds are abundant in so many nutrients.These nutrients help in development and normal helth of human brain.

9.Bone health

Due to the presence of Vitamins and minerals almonds play important role in maintanance and growth of healthy bones.Phosphrus present in almonds help in teeth formation.

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