Best Fast Food Resturants in Pakistan

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McDonald’s is one of the best prestigious fast food chain.McDonald’s is not only in Pakistan but it is expanded thoughtout the whole world. In  1998 first outlet of McDonald’s  was opened in Pakistan. Till now there are Fifty-three branches of Mcdonald’s in Pakistan in different cites like Karachi ,Islamabad ,Lahore ,Multan ,Faisalabad ,Gujrat,Gujrawala, Abbottabad etc.

Mcdonald’s has the best fast food like zinger burger ,fries, kids meal ,happy meal  and  ice cream.

2.Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the most adored and  very famous pizza cafe all around the world. In 1993 Pizza Hut began its activities in Pakistan and now the branches of Pizza hut are spreaded all over the Pakistan.

Pizza Hut is the First international fast food chain to enter in Pakistan.


Hardee’s is very popular fast food resturant in Pakistan.There are not much outlet of hardee’s but its taste and flavour of food attract the people in Pakistan.The curly fries,burger and onion rings of Hardee’s are very famous.


Subway is the most yummiest and healthiest fast food chain not only in Pakistan but also in all the whole world.Once we enter into in subway will come again and again The burgers and sandwiches of the subway are made exactly  according to the demand of the costumer in front of them so there is no doubt in making of food as it is made in front of eyes of the costumer.


KFC is very famous fast food resturant in Pakistan and all over the world.KFC is spreaded in different cities of Pakistan.KFC always compete with McDonald.There is much diversity in menu card of KFC and ranges from chicken , rice,burger,dinner roll, chicken fillet, hot wings, hot shots and so many other delicious things.

6.Burger King

Burger King is a chain of hamburger fast food resturant.Burger king has vast variety of burgers, french fries,sodas ,milkshakes and much more delicious food items.


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