Best Military Tanks in the World

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Merkava is used by Isreal Defence Forces and it is the main battle tank.In 1970 the tank was developed but it started to give its official service in 1979.Mekrava was first time used extensivly in in Lebanon War that was in 1982.

Designer of Merkava is MANTANK.Merkava is a huge mass of about 65 tonns.It has very good off road performance,survivability and cost effectiveness.It is well armoured and has anti rock system.It has the ability to shoot where other tanks are unable to shoot the target.It has first class accuracy of missile defence system.

2.M1 Abrams

M1 Abrams is named after General Creighton Abram.It is 3rd generation American main battle tank.The designer of M1 Abrams is Chrysler Defence.It is heavily armored and well armed.The developmnet of M1 Abrams is in thre result of cancellation of MBT-70 project that has many defaults and the cost overrun.

M1,M1A1 and M1A2 are the three main version of M1 Abrams that have been deployed,incoprating protection improved aramament and electronics with each of the new model.

3.M1 A2 Abrams

M1A2 is the main battle tank manfactured by General Dynamic Land System.It has inter-vehical information system that allow continual  and automatic exchange of information between the vehicals.

maximum speed of M1A2 Abrams is 42mph and has a range of about 265mi.It is the most moderna battle tank in the world.

4.Leopard 2A6

It is from the family of German Leapord which is the latest generation of the main battle tank.Leapord 2A6 has Rheinmentall 120 mm L55 smooth bore gun.It is equipped with land navigation system from LITEF company of Bonn,Germany.


T-14 ARMATA is Russian battle tank which is used by russian ground forces.T-14 ARMATA is designed by Ural Design Bureau of transport machine building.It is desgned over the cource of about 5 years.ARMATA has many innovative features including unmanned turret.

6.Leopard Tank

Leopard Tank is the main battle tank which is developed for West German Army by krauss Maffei in 1970s.Speed of leapord tank is about 62 mph.The tank has the capability to capture moving target while moving over rough terrain.

7.Tiger Tank

Tiger tank was employed from 1942 in Africa and Europe.Tiger tank is aGerman heavy tank of world war ΙΙ.The designer of this tank is Erwin Aders Henschel and sons.Today only 7 tiger tank that survived are in museum.

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