Best Top Most Uses Of Alovera Gel For Skin and Hair

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Alovera  is a green plant with prickly and bitter leaves.It has so many use that are benefited to Human  body  in so  many ways.some of its use for skin and hairs are listed below:

1. Use of Alovera for Skin

Thereare so many uses of alovera for skin like alovea glowing skin facepack,for removal of dead skin,impressive nutrition to skin.

Uses of alovera for Dry skin

alovera is use to reduce dryness of skin.Mix alovera gel, pinch of turmeric powder,one tablespoon honey,few drops of rose water and half teaspoon milk.Apply this mixture on face for about twenty minutes and rinse  with luke warm water.The results will be understood.

Alovera use in reducing acne

When skin plugged with oil and dead skin cell it causes acne which is unbearable on face.Alovera can be use to reduce acne. Take  some blended walnuts with alovera and honey  mix it well.Apply the mixture on the face .Alovera have healing properties and additional honey with antioxident properties help in to get smooth and glowing face.

Alovera Face scrub

Females are very sensitive about there skin.They always try to improve the skin and alovera is here for ladies now get a glowing skin in your home.Simply  take half cup fresh alovera gel,a cup of sugar and two teaspon of fresh lemon juice.Mix the mixture well,apply on skin.This pck will help to remove dead skin  and dark scars on the skin also improve the tan skin.

2.Use of Alovera for Hairs

Alovera can also be use for hairs for different purposes.Some of it use for hairs are enlisted below:

1.Alovera gel for hair loss

Alovera contain some kind of proteolytic enzyme that help to  repair dead skin on scalp.It improves the hair growth and its is a good natural hair conditioner.Mix equal proportion of extra vergin coconut oil and alover gel.Apply this on the scalp for 30 minutes wash it with luke warm water and suitable shampoo.Follow this  remedy thrice in a month to get good results.

2. Alovera gel  in dandruff control

Itiching and flake on scalp are termed as dandruff which is so common condition in many peoples.To reduce dandruff alovera gel is widely used.Apply alovera gel directly on scalp and let it set for about half an hour.Wash it  with mild shampoo.Repeat this twice or thrice a week.your dandruff will be gone.

Alovera for hair growth

alovera can improve the growth of hair.With the use of alovera there is no need of artifical hair extensions.Take five tablespoon of alovera gel,three tablespoon of cocnut oil,two table spoon of honey.Mix the ingredients well.Apply the mixture on scalp for about twenty-five minutes.Wash with cool water with a suitable shampoo.Try this remedy once in a week.These three ingredients will maintain the hairs and letting to retain  hair length.


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