Best University in Norway Offering Scholarships

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University Of Oslo (Norway)

Till 1939,the university of Oslo was named the Royak Frederich University.It is the most seasoned university of the Norway. The location of the University is in the Norwegian captial.The total number of students in the university are about 27,700 and the number of working staff is about 6,000.

University of Oslo was established in 1811.Before 1st January,2016 university was the biggest institute of secondary education regarding size and now excel by the university of Norway of Science and Technology.

University Of Oslo is the most leading university in the state.It is positioned 135th internationally on the QS World University positioning 2019 and is ranked 121st around the world by the Times Higher Education

The University of Oslo does not control any wellsprings of understudy subsidizing and can’t help understudies monetarily.Students can speak up to a group of trained counselorsin the Sio in financial, personal and academic matters.The main purpose of Sio is to improve the education system by giving various rock-bottom services.

University Of Bergen (Norway)

The University Of Bergen is situated in the city of Norway named Bergen.Its is one of the eight best university in the country.Total pupil in the university are about  17,000.The library and museum  of the univetsity is remarkable.Its was built up in 1946 .There are 7 faculties,the up to time is being the faculty of music ,fine arts and design which was built up in 2017.This University is thought to be the best of best university in state.Around the world in 2019 it is positioned 171st according to the QS World University positioning and according to Higher Education World it is on 197th in numbering.

There are various understudy estates and awards.Understudies at the University  can apply for assets from a few understudy inheritances and awards directed by the University. Candidates may utilize a similar application structure for all the understudy endowments and awards. These understudy endowments and awards include:

  • Signy og Ellert Wallendahl Legat
  • Skipreder Jacob R. Olsen og hustru Johanne Georgine Olsen legat: funds are givento students at the University of Bergen.
  • Frøken Lina Abjørnsens Stipendiefond: funds are given espicially talented students at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  Students of Marine Scienceshave top pirority
  • Meltzer Project Grant– The Meltzer Research Fund: planned to advance the scholarly exercises of the University  and to help particularly skilled understudies at the University of Bergen.

Norwegian University Of Science and Technology (Norway)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology have three campuses in the cities of Gjewik,Alesund and Trondhelm.The main concentration of the university is education and research in engineering and technology.It has become the biggest and largest university of the state.The university is offering education in arts, social sciences, medical and life sciences, teacher education, architecture and fine art.

Norwegian University of science and technology offers scholarships which are listed below

  • Erasmus Mundus: funds
  • Anglo-Norse Society: ₤2,500 is giveneach year to  qualified British native who recieve admission degree in Masters  in university they get it byself no need of applying.
  • EU loans: some EU nations offer its residents good credits to enable them to fund an ace degree in an Erasmus+ Program nation.

University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway (Norway)

The University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway is the world’s farthest north college.It is built up in 1968 but it was open for students in 1972.University is situated in city of Norway named Tromsø.The University   is the biggest research and educational institution in northern part of Norway.It is one of the eight best university in state.It is positioned in top 400 universities of the world.The University’s area makes it a characteristic scene for the advancement of investigations of the locale’s indigenous habitat, culture, and society.

The University has no grants to offer to cover understudies’ everyday costs in Norway except if they as of now have one preceding their landing or under certain trade plots in a joint effort with the University of Tromsø and their home college:

  • EEA / Norway grants
  • Erasmus+
  • Norwegian-Russian funds program
  • Nordplus / Nordlys

These awards are generally granted consequently to understudies admitted to the trade program through their home establishment.

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway)

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) is a state funded college.It was built up in 1959 till 2005 it was named Norwegian College of Agriculture .In 1987 it gain the level of university from college.In 2014 the university combine with  Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) in Oslo and today its is named as the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.It is the second former university in the state.This university is the only college that is  giving veterinary education in the state.

For the students of bachelor and masters there are no funds offered by the university but the ph.d students can apply for a situation as an exploration individual to verify and archive full subsidizing for the whole time of affirmation.

NMBU energetically invites global understudies to learn at the University. it has more than 150 trade concurrences with accomplice foundations with accomplice organizations from everywhere throughout the world:

  • NOVA
  • Nordplus
  • Erasmus+
  • Exchange from a country which is outside of Europe

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