Big Dog Returns! Roman Reigns Announces His Cancer Is Remission

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Roman Reigns made his fans distressed last year October when he announced the return of his Leukaemia that he has been fighting for about ten years. WWE chairman Vince McMahon confirmed the news of his return Monday night RAW to give an update on his Leukaemia. this news, on the whole, was greatly celebrated with thousands of tweets by fans and stars. Roman Reign To Give An Appearance WWE RAW For His Leukemia Update

Roman Reigns

This Monday, Roman Reigns returned to the ring where he gave a big thumbs up of positive answer we all have been waiting for. He announced that his cancer is remission and he will return back to WWE. In his exact words, “The big dog is back!”. We are all so glad he is fighting away this disease. He also thanked all his fans in the humblest way which was appreciated throughout the crowd.

However, the exact date of his return is not announced. All we know is that he is getting better and would return to the ring. He looked healthy and fresh from the outside. But, he would not be much healthy internally. It is understandable that he might not return super soon as he is still recovering. What matters is that he returns to his ‘healthy as a horse’ self and return when the time is right.

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