Brief History How New Corona Virus Spread

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Coronavirus is one of the most widely spread diseases in the world and it badly affects people. It has no treatment yet only it has precautions to save from this viral disease is to stay home, avoid gathering and sanitize your hand properly. It is first to diagnose in Wuhan city of china due to some seafood products. And then spread all more than 178 countries in the world. According to recent research, 39,000 people are killed due to this disease and it affects almost 800,000 people in the world.

How fast it spread all over the world briefly explain below:

On December 31 last year chine informed World health organization about the unknown disease.

On January 1 the seafood market in Wuhan is shut down because it is the hub of disease and it is spreading from this place it firstly affects the workers who worked in this market.

On January 5 Chinese think that this is a respiratory disease that is similar to the disease that is diagnosed from 2003 to 2004 and it killed more them 770 people in the world.

On January 7 after some research, it is announced by officials that it is a new disease and its name is a novel virus was named 2019-nCoV and it belongs to the family of viruses that is related to the respiratory system. It actually spread through the small droplets that come from the body of an affected person when they cough and sneeze without covering their face.

On January 11 Chinese doctors announce the 1st death of a 61 years old man who is affected by this disease and he is effected because he is buying seafood from that market.

On January 13, another case of coronavirus is reported in Thailand who comes from Wuhan chine.

On January 16 another case of coronavirus is reported in japan by their health ministry and he also comes from Wuhan china.

On January 17 the death of the second person is reported in Wuhan.

On January 20 death of 3rd person is reported with about 200 people who are infected by this virus in other cities of China like Shenzhen, Beijing, etc.

On January 20 death figure crossed 17 with more than 550 affected people.

On January 23 Wuhan has closed in quarantine and all travel resources of Wuhan is suspended and people are isolated in Wuhan.

On January 24 the death rate is extended to 26 with 830 affected persons.

On January 26, the death rate increase to 56, with almost 2,000 infected people in other cities of China.

On January 27, the death rate hits figure 106, about 4,515 people in China were reported to be infected by a coronavirus.

On January 31, the number of confirmed cases in China crossed t0 9,809. Also, other counties of the world like Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom confirmed their first cases of the virus.

On February 2 first death outside from china is reported.

On February 6, the confirmed death case is china is at least 563, with more than 28,000 infected cases are reported and confirmed.

On February 9, the death rate in China is 811 and 37,198 infectious persons.

On February 10, China had 908 confirmed deaths and a total of 40,171 infections.

On February 16, another country Taiwan reported its first death.

On February 17, 1,770 deaths reported in China and 70,548 cases.

On February 19, Iran reported two deaths.

On February 24, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Oman all are reported their first cases of the virus.

On February 28, Lithuania and Wales have also reported their first coronavirus cases.

On March 2, Saudi Arabia’s health ministry announced its first coronavirus case.

On March 7, the death rate ix nearly 3,500 people and the figure of infected cases reach 102,000 people across more than 90 countries.

On March 12, the global death rate is 4,600 with infections in 126,100 cases.

On March 22, the global death rate is above 13,000 and the infectious patients are 311,000.

On March 24, Spain reported 6,600 new coronavirus cases.

On March 26, the total number of coronavirus cases globally is about 500,000.

On March 27, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also affected by a coronavirus.

On March 28, the number of cases worldwide exceeds the figure of 600,000, with more than 27,000 deaths.

On March 31 the US reported more than 3,000 death.



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