BTS, A Small Insight

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Korean is the Asian country famous for its booming economy. It’s is one of the easiest countries in the world to start the business from. Lately, however, Korea is becoming exceedingly famous because of its music industry.

The word BTS is almost on every teenager’s mouth. What is this band? Why is it famous? Who are these guys? All of these questions will be answered here!

Bangtan boys/ beyond the scene aka BTS is the South Korean band of 7 attractive members. They also go with the name bulletproof boy scouts which means blocking all the criticism and negativity. I must say they don’t need to because they are perfect in every way. “The Army” which are fans of this band are spread almost everywhere. One thing great about them is, that even being in a band they all encourage every other member to release their own solo album. They are not confined to any boundaries.

Honestly, it’s really hard to enlist their achievement because let’s face it, they are one of the best boy bands in the world. Out of a long going list of achievements some of the golden moments are as follows:

Speech at United Nations

One of the recent mention-able achievement of BTS is their speech in the United Nations.  They had started their album with UNESCO “love yourself” last year. They emphasized that true love starts when you truly start loving yourself. Speak for you yourself, not let anyone else do so. This beautiful message can truly change people’s lives.

The highest rank in Billboard

BTS is the only K-pop band to reach no.1 in the Billboard. They have even managed to do so for 94 weeks!

The number of awards

BTS has racked up amazing 42 awards. In fact, they have bragged about them in their all-time famous song “Mic Drop”.

Introduction to boys



Real name Kim Nam Joon, RM is the 24-year-old member of the band with great vocals. He is also known as the rap monster and is the leader of the band. Even though he is not the oldest in the group, the fits to be the leader. His bossy, caring, encouraging, cute, supporting nature makes him perfect for the role. His solo album ‘Mono’ is worth giving a shot.



This 26 years old member is also one of the vocals of the band. His real name is Kim Seok Jin. Although they all are handsome, Jin is something else! Being the hyung (older brother) of the group, he keeps everyone motivated. One great thing about him is that he knows a lot of dad jokes. He seriously has dad jokes for every occasion. His bubbly nature will force you to love him more and more as you get to know him. His solo ‘Awake’ touches the hearts of everyone who listens to it.


Suga BTS

One of the main rappers of the band, Suga is 25 years old. Suga is just a stage name (and so is August D) and his real name is Min Yoon Ji. Let me tell you one thing, his rap is the BEST! Listening to BTS songs, you would look forward to Suga’s rap in songs. Comparing to others, he has a more serious personality (not really). Like all others, he has released some of the amazing solo songs like ‘August D, Seesaw, First Love, So Far Away and many others.


Jimin BTS


Jimin is the 22-year-old lead dancer of the group. He definitely not disappoint the world with his skills. The sweetest and most caring member of the group. He may not show in many places, but he really is a shy guy. He does not lack in the department of talent either. His vocal skills are absolutely amazing and are the main choreographer of the group. Other members turn to him if they have any problem or anything they want to share. His solo album ‘Lie’ and one of a kind.



J-Hope BTS

This 24 years of age member is the rapper, songwriter and the record producer. This amazing person is the lead dancer of the group. Why not, he used to be a great dancer even before he went to BTS. He doesn’t hesitate to show his emotions with a few dance steps. No matter where the boys are, the stage or giving an interview. The loudest one among them would be J-Hope. Even his introductory line is, ‘I’m your hope, J-Hope’! I mean that’s dope! He has also released his solo album ‘Hope World’







V aka Kim Tae Hung is a singer as well as the actor. His amazing voice enabled him to be the lead vocalist. Really looking into V’s personality, you will get the genius out of him for sure. He is multilingual as well as great thinker and observer. Watching him doing acting in the drama ‘Hwarang’, you would not believe his main profession is as a singer. His solo album ‘Stigma’ would steal your heart away.




Jungkook BTS

He is the youngest member of the band also the leader. He is the main vocalist, lead choreographer
Also, the face of the group. He came to the band when he was 15 and was raised by other group members (hyungs older brother) since. He loves and cares for his members so much. His solo album ‘Begin’ is definitely the one to check out.

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