Different Haircuts For Different Face Shape

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For women, hair can easily be considered as one of the most important assets. It plays a very important role in representing her. So when a woman or a girl wants to have a change or just fiddle with it, she has to consider everything. It includes her skin tone for hair colour, face shape for a haircut even the trends. Whatever the case may be, she would always try to get the perfect look.

For the haircut, the face shape considers a lot worth. So, we need to know our face shape first.

How To Know Our Face Shape

Tie your hair properly and take a picture of your face. Of course, judging from the mirror would work but it would be effective if you have a hard copy of the picture so you can mark on it. The trick is to measure the distance from the forehead to the chin, one cheekbone to other and one side of the jaw to other. Look for the shape of the jaw, the widest part of the face and length of the face. Once you take the measurement, fish out what face shape you have to form the following.

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Face Shape With Perfect Hairstyles

1. Oval Face

The length from forehead to the chin would be longer than the width. The forehead would be probably widest part of the face and chin is round.

Because the face is well balanced, there are a lot of styles you can try. Bob with some layers would give a stylish look. Long locks would give the same stylish look. If you opt for long locks, prefer minimal layer and go for curls and wave to keep it from dragging on the face.

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2. Round Face

You would have a round face when the ratio of the length and the width of the face would be equal. The cheekbones would be the widest part of the face that would give the round element to the face and chin would be round.

For the ladies with a round face, the preferable hairstyles would the ones that would give more definition and shape to the face. Choppy pixie cuts and long layered styles should be given a thought. a short fringe to the side of the face would help lengthen the appearance to the face. Try to avoid single length cuts and clear bobs as they can give a rounder shape to the face.

3. Square Face

These people have a proportional face. The proportion of the width and length would be nearly the same. Chin would have a minimal curve with straight sides.

Your bone structure should the key to emphasis, and for that, side-parted styles, whether bob or long, should be prefered. Airy and long layers would give disguise to the angle of the cheekbones. Side-swept bangs would draw the attention more to the cheekbones than the jawline.

4. Diamond Face

Hight cheekbones and pointed chins can seem prominent. Do not confuse it with a heart-shaped face because the forehead is narrower in a diamond-shaped face.

For a diamond face, chin-length bob works the best. The forehead should be emphasised so go with a ponytail. Tousled waves, mid or long cut layered would give a blast look to the face.

5. Heart Face

Wide forehead and pointed chin are the main characteristics of the heart-shaped face. It is also called an inverted triangle for obvious reasons.

Lob with bangs would give a soft look to the face. A side-parted pixie cut with textured ends would present the shape of the face to the finest. If you want to go more for longer hair, try long side swept cuts.

6. Oblong Or Rectangle Shape

When the forehead, jawline and cheeks would be nearly the same in width, it would be rectangle shaped face. The chin would be only slightly curved. These things go for the oblong shaped too, just the difference is that this shape is slightly less angled.

For this face cut, bangs would look chic with shoulder-length hair. If you would like to try out shorter hair, opt for a blowout, or curls and waves. Romantic chignons with high buns would give an elegant shape to the face.

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