Effective ways to make your students understand you

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Einstein once said, “If you can make a child understand a difficult concept, you know the concept.” Make sure to cover every aspect that makes the students understand you. No subject is difficult. Everything depends on the teachers. There is no doubt that you actually know what are you teaching, just find the way you can make things easy for the children.

Following are the points every teacher should follow that most definitely make them a good and effective teacher

Appreciate children:

This is the key point. Just appreciate the students in small things would motivate them to do more. This would directly lead them to get more concentrated in the lectures. Sometimes, all students need is appreciation. Someone to tell them its okay and how to learn from mistakes. Make them believe that they can do something. Once really done, a positive result is confirmed.


A teacher should have the impression on students of motivation. Make such an impression that would make them trust in you. First thing for that, respect them. You respect them they respect you. This is the very basis of the¬†relationship that would make them easy to turn to you for a question if they have a problem. As a teacher, it is your job to give them aim. Note this you should not have an aim of just having pay at the end of the month. That’s the key point.

Effective ways to make your students understand you

Polite Behaviour:

Teachers are basically representing their subject they teach. Show them the strictness, they would think the subject as the subject hard to conquer, even though it’s easy. This would make the teachers the character of their life, not just someone who taught them something and now they are the past.

Make their presence known

If you as a teacher enter the class and greet them for the new day, the students would actually be present mentally in the class. They would feel important. Don’t think any student as a poor one or someone from not so great family. You would not be just teaching students, you would be teaching the future of Pakistan. Make sure to make them realize their individuality.

Make them think

Ask them questions that would make students think of the concept. Asking the students hard question would lead them to the point that the subject needs the credibility that they do not have.
Give them a small task that would keep them engage in the class not somewhere else.

Make them think

Be cooperative teacher

After receiving scolds from the teachers for not doing their homework can demotivate the students. Cooperate with them so they cooperate with you. After a few times of being lazy, a sense of responsibility would definitely arise. Just make them realize that you expect something from them. Students would definitely come around.

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