Feel fear? Don’t Worry Everyone Does

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First thing first, its okay to be scared. In a way that’s what makes you human. If we take a deep insight, we just know that everything is created for a reason. There must be a reason that we feel it.

However, keeping science crap aside, its just not a very pleasant and nice feeling. In this article, we would try to cover a few aspects of sacredness and how to really tackle it. So, first things first.

What Is Fear?

Just naming it an emotion would not really justify it. Fear is something that we feel when our whole conscious body is aware of some kind of out threat or danger to us or our loved ones.

There are of course many types of fears. But to roughly primarily categorize it in two types, we can say, there is a fear that we feel in our everyday life like fear of flight, fear of height, fear of public speaking etc. The other type of fear is more of a creepiness fear. Like sh*t there is someone behind me, breathing on my neck, and I am alone in my house. That kind of scared. Get it?

What do you think is worse? group A or B?

Why do we feel Fear?

As discussed earlier we feel fear because we feel threatened. In a way, it’s our body’s defensive system when you can’t really do about the situation. We are scared of the clown because it is hiding behind the mask and I really don’t know who the person behind is. We are scared of the dark because we assume that someone is just going to grab our hand from nowhere.

And you just want a really nice hug telling us that everything will be alright. I think there is more than 70% chance that the girl will fall in love with the boy when you save her from her bullies. Why not? That’s what happens in movies.

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Should We Be Afraid?

Yes and No. The answer can be pretty diverse. Starting with yes, why should we?
Being scared can be the very reason for your existence! Think about it. If our ancestors at some point had chosen fight instead of flight we might not even be here anymore. They had to come face to face with deadly creatures. Just running away from the danger or anything that make you scared can be a pretty good option for you. I still don’t get it?
Why those ladies in the horror film go after the noise in the dark or look under the bed? It mainly and most don’t work out very well.

However, fear can also be something you should not run from. controversial? I know.  But having an uncontrolled mind at the point of fear may worsen the situation. Think about it. If the early human would just be scared of the fire not really taking the risk it with, they would have missed out a great part of life.
Maybe the answer had confused you more. Just trust your instincts. Choose whether its fight or flight.

Should We Be Afraid?

Can We Control It?

Considering that fear is an emotion, not really. But we can, however, tame it! Good news. There are many ways told online in order to get a hold of yourself in a bad situation. There is a cure for everything.

How To Control It?

Humans beings are the most capable beings on planet earth. Its a really interesting saying that humans can change their destiny by their will. After my research on the internet about it, I came across two effective things to eradicate our fears.

One, the five-second rule. Just generate a comfortable thought in your mind beforehand and when you reach the “red zone” just say 5,4,3,2 and 1 and your mind is ready. Then impose the thought. It really works. Want to know why? It’s surprising but the physical conditions of our body are the same when we are excited and when we are scared. Who could have thought? So when we are scared and apply the trick we basically tell our mind that we are not scared, we are excited.

Facing Fear

The second thing is knowing your fear. It is the same thing that makes someone from Bruce Wayne to Batman. When you will understand your fear and think about it, it would not be so scary anymore. In phycology, it is known as the competency and confidence rule. The more you understand something the more confident about it. I personally used this trick and surprisingly it worked. I literally forced myself to watch scary movies without really hiding behind friends and wrapped in sheets. Guess what? really thinking about it made me comfortable watching scary movies now. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eradicate it and became the mighty hero but there is a clear difference. I just keep this in my mind that they are acting and in front of the camera. ;).


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