Flowers that are bad?

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“Flowers” What do you think of them when this word comes into your mind? Probably beauty, charm, aroma freshness etc. However, believe it or not, there are many flowers that symbolizes what in common word is called “bad”!

Where it is good there is bad. There always is. So here are some of the flowers you should probably think twice before giving them to anyone.

Black rose:

Famous for its renowned beauty, the black rose is one of the most fascinating flowers. However, don’t lose yourself too much in this beauty. It represents “death”.

black rose gogle news

Butterfly weed:

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend that you want to say goodbye to? While breakups can be really heartbreaking, just give your partner butterfly weed and be done with it. Butterfly weed means “leave me”. You got the point I’m sure.

butterfly weed

Orange lilies:

These attractive flowers give out the meaning opposite to what they look. They represent hatred, disdain and pride. Be aware of them.


Yellow Carnation:

You will see many carnations in the bouquets, but seeing yellow Carnations should turn in an alarm button in you. Yellow Carnations mean separation.
Quite opposite to white, ones meaning purity.



These flowers also represent death, but this time its death of loved ones. Still, you would not want to give this flower to anyone, would you?



Petrol station flowers:

“I’m not bothered” that is the message these flowers give away. You can find it easily online if you want to ruin a relationship!


Although not a plant, try not to put a cactus plant or any other plants with thorns(except rose) in your house. They are believed to bring bad luck.



Petunia is the flowers that symbolize anger and resentment. Ever wondered why Harry’s aunt is named petunia?



In Powerpuff Girls Buttercup for named so for a reason. Buttercups symbolize childless and immatureness. Have to admit it, it’s the perfect name for the character.




Is there anybody you hate? Just give them aconite. Besides giving them the message “I hate you”, it would also earn the person “be cautious”.



Be- and gonia, what do you expect? This flower means deep thinking. It may get you in trouble.



“We are officially over! Here’s a cyclamen.”

Cyclamen means separation. So be cautious before giving them away!


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