Get a good night Sleep

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There are many parts of the day that are important to you. Whether you eat, work, socialize or do anything. However, the importance of all things on one side, and the importance of sleep on other. In a way, you can’t do all the other things without a good night sleep.

Benefits Of Sleep

There are dozens of benefits of sleep, many of them your life depends on. Sleep helps in improving your memory, lose weight and makes you more alert. In addition to this, napping can also make you ‘smarter’. In a study, a good sleep may help in preventing cancer. Reduction in stress is the obvious benefit of sleep. Most of all, the upright sleep can keep your heart and you healthy.

Here is how you can get good sleep:

A Proper Bedtime Schedule

Although excessive excitement in the day or even boredom can cause you to disrupt your everyday sleeping routine, you must follow a strict bed schedule. It is best to wake up early so you can go to bed in time, like a proper schedule.  Choose a time you always feel tired as your sleeping time and go to bed. It is important to wake up and go to sleep strictly at that time you choose for yourself.

Sleep Time Needed

Adults usually need seven to nine hours of happy sleep while children require seven to eight hours every day. For every age group, there is a different sleeping tie required but the ones you read above are average. However, if due to some reasons you are not getting proper sleep, make up for the nap in the day. Following is the schedule everyone need to follow according to their age group.

Pre-Sleeping Routine

There are some things that you need to do before going to the bed, so establish a good pre-sleeping routine before going to bed for a better sleep. Listening to calming music can be helpful as it drives you away from the tedious hustle bustle of the city. There are many playlists out there specifically made for you to sleep. Famous among them is the sound of nature like wind, rain and chirping of the birds etc.

You can also try taking a warm bath for a comfy night, or read a book. Don’t workout within four hours of bedtime, rather exercise before dinner and it will help you sleep better.

Ready Your Room

Your bedroom or whatever you have to sleep on should be proper for sleeping. Make sure to use bed only for sleeping, and avoid it during waking hours only. People tend to get less lazy if they don’t use the bed aside for sleeping. Stay away from lit electronics. It is recommended to not use any device like smartphones or laptop an hour before you go to sleep. Make sure that your bed is comfortable enough for you.

If you are having trouble sleeping, try to open the window and let the air come in. The room should be dark and quiet. Just have a good nights doze.

Ready Your Room

Food Intake

Believe it or not, the type of food you eat effects on your quality of sleep. Eat your dinner early and don’t stuff yourself with food. If possible, it is good to take a walk after dinner. Avoid beverages right before you go to bed especially sugary and fizzy drinks, and cut down on coffee and tea. It snatches your sleep from you. So, don’t drink too many liquids and quit smoking, it will be good for you in every way.

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Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in you can not sleep, no matter what you do. Though the above things may not work for people who suffer through it, try any means possible to make condition good for you. You can count sheep or force your eyes open in the dark, normally sleep came in this condition. You can also drink a warm glass of milk to fall asleep, but no other drinks! If nothing works, reading a chemistry textbook would surely help.

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