He Is Psychometric: Drama Review Of Non Korean Fan

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Jinyoung yet again came back with a thriller romance. Even though he is a singer, he has never ceased to amaze is fans with incredible acting skills. ‘He is Psychometric’ is a golden chance for the fans to complement their idol. I am not from South  Korea but am a great fan of k dramas. This is my review of drama. I’ll try not to go in the story by doing so.


Lee Ahn is a boy with superpowers of psychometry. He has no problem in knowing people’s secret just by touching them. What would happen when he’ll meet the person he really wants to perform psychometry on? That too, the person who wants anything but her secrets revealed?

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Episode 1

One thing that came into my mind when I completed the episode was I love it! So far it has the perfect ratio of mystery, thriller, comedy, romance and supernatural. I have tied my hopes to it.

The director didn’t wait for any scene and made the viewers cry at the very start. Judging by the looks, the scene would be the essence of the whole coming drama. It was the very reason the protagonist developed the superpowers of psychometry. Never have I ever cried on the very first scene of a romantic thriller. Even though it is the first episode, a lot happened. It felt like the director and the writer are clapping their hands in a quick motion for the introductory story to complete in the very first episode.

The absolutely mentionable thing is the first meeting of the protagonists. I’m sure they would laugh together with their children of how ironic the whole situation’s been. A round of applause for Yoon Jae In for keeping her senses sane in the situation where any other girl would have cried her eyes out. She is sure a girl with a traumatic past also related to Lee Ahn. She maybe rock-hard on the outside, but is very sensitive inside. A girl who is trying hard to survive in the world by acting strong for the sake of her survival.

Same is the case with Lee Ahn. So far he is given a multidimensional character view. From high school trouble maker/bad boy to sweet brother. Not to mention all the kick-ass scene of him beating the shit out of about 7 guys. Also, him being psychometrics. Guess he is the full package.

The supporting characters Kang Sung Mo the prosecutor and Eun Ji Su the investigator seems pretty important too. They are also the one to know the secret of Lee Ahn. I was happy to know that Kang Sung Mo grows up well after becoming a lifesaver and hero for little Lee Ahn by risking his life. I have a feeling we would b seeing them a lot in coming episodes.

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