He Is Psychometric: Episode 2 My Sincere Review

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After all the wait, episode 2 didn’t cease to amaze the views. Not me at least.

It looks like not just the destiny, but also people around Lee Ahn is busy cooking to reunite him and Jae In. Everything happening in their life is bringing the two together.

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It looks like Jae In has a lot on her plate. She even managed to fake her father’s identity to get into the school. How cool is that? Her life has made her tough. One mentionable characteristic of her is that she has created a line. Anyone to cross it will receive a piece of her mind.

The most significant scene of the episode is the one when both of them break into the school to save their ass. The lady is obviously way smarter than Lee Ahn. This dark and lonely time together in school improved their relationship. And no, nothing intimate thing happened. They both were pulling each other legs. Lee Ahn having a nose bleed is an important matter to focus on.

One thing that can be seen anywhere, not only in the drama is that every human has more than one sides. Some of them are vulnerable enough to dig them deep inside us. All for the purpose of surviving in this world. Lee Ahn is hiding that part, scared of the world who would see the real him as a monster. Although he doesn’t show much, Sung Mo (Lee Ahn’s brother) is a great support for Lee Ahn. He is also the one with a strong will power that not even let Lee Ahn read through him. But it seems like he does have a weakness.

Jae In’s detective skills are too good. I mean she could easily be qualified as the youngest detective of South Korea. She didn’t even manage to save herself and Lee Ahn, but also his friend and his crush. Till now everything is going on smooth. And I almost forgot. She found out Lee Ahn’s secret. It’s only a matter of time he finds her’s.

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