He Is Psychometric Episode 3: My Sincere Review

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Moment of the day.

‘That is hydrochloric acid!’

‘I know that … is it dangerous?’

Episode 3 was superb. Before starting the review, can I mention that the younger version of Lee Ahn’s hyung (big brother) fits the role so perfect! Who would not be happy getting such a cool brother? Cool or not, he did leave his brother in the orphanage.

Lee Ahn dreaming about Jae In is so sweat. Not to mention that he has a conscious that it’s wrong. Whether he like or not, that girl has managed to crawl into his subconsciousness. Jae In, on the other hand, has something too.

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She may have a rockhard shell, she is really vulnerable when it comes to her dad. She wants to keep her real self, her identity a secret.

While the young ones are busy building up their chemistry, the adults have come across a serious problem that may dig out the horrors of the past.

On the side note, I love Jae In’s hair! They are so good. I’m sure if Ji Soo (The lady detective) would work a little on her hair, she would be noticed. But that is her character, and I totally understand.

Anyways, back to the real review, Sung Mo and Ji Soo go to their serious mode after the challenge from the real killer. This case does not revolve around them, but would surely entangle the kids (is it even right to call them that?)

Jae In was surely able to save her ass from her maths teacher. But that psychotic man decided to go to any mean to destroy her life. The first attempt he did, it was clear that he is not going to stop. It was crazy. But Jae In was saved thanks to her hero. Once again Jae In proved to be the clever one and Lee Ahn the stupid one. I think that this ability is given to him by God for a reason. I’m sure that he could survive in society without it. What high school student doesn’t know What HCl is?

But this horrifying act of the teacher brought the two together. Together enough to share their most inner feeling without any fear of getting judged.

The second time he did, however, he went overboard. It was like he knew that the first stunt he pulled proved to be good for her. Let’s do something to completely separate them. His trick was effective to two whole years!

Also, we can’t ignore the friendship of Lee Ahn and LeeDae Bong. I love how chillax these two are together. A big example of it is making the university filling form a mat for sizzling hot pot.

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