He Is Psychometric: Episode 4 My Sincere Review

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‘You seem centimetre today’

‘It’s sentimental’

Yeah, you don’t need to figure out who said that.

Anyway, the ‘infamous’ incident gets clearer with every passing episode. And as it becomes clearer, the framing of Jae In’s father holds more emotion and sadness. Even after 11 years, the daughter of the security guard never gave up on her father. That’s the basic point of all this.

I should probably take a moment to compliment the sweet little Jae In version. Although she looks older than the younger version of Lee Ahn (the little kid with candy), she is a true Korean beauty.

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Two years pass, carrying on with the life of characters in the mature version. The stunt that the maths teacher pulled may seem bad for the protagonist, but I think that it’s good that they got time off. Both of them would be more focused on figuring out what to do, what not to do. Especially for Lee Ahn who still wants to find Jae In by hook or by crook. Progressing or not, he still seems like working on his psychometric ability for investigation purpose.

True to her words, Jae In finds him when she was ready. I must say that the position they meet in shows the essence of what they spend on doing in the last two years. Jae In having a proper job and profession while Lee Ahn still trying to climb up the stairs by touching his neighbouring fellow. No wonder he felt intimidated by it and practised before he made more fool out of himself.

The adults, on the other hand, have made absolutely zero progress with their private life. Ji Soo (the lady detective) is trying harder to catch Sung Mo’s attention. Sung Mo obviously knows that, but he is ignoring all her efforts really efficiently because he may have some other girl in mind (of course not), or he simply wants to put all his effort in solving the case of his life. And why not, his life went from north to south in just a few moments. Even his mother was one of the ladies to get stabbed. That makes everything more intense.

The relationship between Lee Ahn and Ji Su is so cute. Both of them knows each other secrets and are comfortable around each other. Like when they both discussed the time Sung Mo rejected Ji Soo. Not sure if that is the topic to be really discussed, but who cares, that’s what friendship is. What could have been cooler than an adult lady taking relationship advice from her crush’s younger brother? Nothing wrong in it.

I may have not mentioned it before, but the friendship of Lee Ahn and Dae Bong mirrors trust. Both of them use each other’s perks to the fullest. Dae Bong for Lee Ahn’s magical ability to stalk his crush, while Lee Ahn living the life of a rich with his friend.

‘Baby on board’

Such a heartbreaking phrase for Dae Bong.

Despite finding her, Lee Ahn goes for a hunt for her.

The little kidnapping (or not) case lead to a serious case. Big case. The hair sticking out of the bag was pretty scary. Imagine how psychotic people exist in this world.

Anyways, both of them are trying to prove their talent. That too that would conduct them to ‘the one’ case they all are rushing to solve. Excited for the next episode.

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