He Is Psychometric Episode 5: My Sincere Review

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Episode 5 was a brew of every genre. There were comedy and tragedy, thriller, mystery, car chase, romance and bromance. This episode was an important one in finally giving the abrupt start to the fire case investigation.

Thankfully, Ahn did not give us another reason to prove that his brain is a few years younger than his body. But one thing is clear. Jae In after two years of her graduation can be called a woman. While on the other hand, Ahn is still a boy.

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As hinted in the last episode, Sung Mo’s mother was one those victim who got stabbed in the fore accident 14 years ago. This episode introductory scene ended with a cliffhanger giving the idea of what really happened to Sung Mo.

The reason why Sung Mo wanted Ahn to do psychometry on Jae In in the first place (or episode) is still unclear. But he took another step in his plans to make this happen. Sung Mo is the person who indicates that many turns in Ahn and Jae In’s life was not just a coincidence.

But his intentions seemed clear when both protagonists worked on the little car accident. Or rather Ahn solved the one. That case showed two things. One, It is bad to keep a heavy and dark secret in you. Second, Ahn is good with kids.

Also during the first meeting of these three, it was clear that Ahn noticed how his brother has smiled more with Jae In than he ever did all his life. I just don’t want to take any wrong thoughts. I’m really not having those.

As far as the comedy of the episode is concerned, it was epic when Ahn wanted to do a psychometry attempt on his brother. They had made it clear in the 2nd episode ( I guess) that the most sensitive part of the body is lips with most sensory neurons. So it is hoped to give the best result.

They say curiosity killed the cat. In Ahn’s case, it killed the leftover honour he had left to do a psychometry experiment on his brother. I’m sure that that passing couple must have taken the concrete idea of the relationship between the two ‘men’ with their second encounter.

The comedy and tragedy went side by side.

I realised in this episode that all that shit happened on Ahn’s birthday. Losing your loved ones especially parents on the birthday makes things worse. I must confess that I was a little teary when I saw Ahn crying for his mother. Also sad for poor Jae In who feel guilty for all the families.

Ahn paying respect to Sung Mo’s parents was so cute! He revealed how much he cared for his hyung (Ahn says that to Sung Mo, which means older brother in Korean).

‘My parents and I don’t really need words to communicate’ words coming out of a son who misses his parents every day.

Speaking of birthday.

A big round of applause for Ahn for announcing the passcode on top of his lungs that happen to be his birthday. It’s like inviting the criminals for dinner.

The climax of the episode was obviously the one with the car chase with the criminal.

Sneaking in the dark in previous episodes, the killer is finally in the light. I must say, he gave quite an unforgettable first entry.

One thing that made Sung Mo stand in the red circle was the fact that he may know the killer. Like for real? How can he handle all the secrets inside him?

The psycho is obviously obsessed with these people. The level of this obsession better has a solid explanation. The fact that he was a crazy Sung Mo stalker since his graduation makes things complicated. Maybe not that complicated.

Okay, here’s a theory. The psycho is Sung Mo’s father. I mean what parent would like to miss his child’s graduation. Also, Sung Mo’s father is not introduced until now.

I really hope that the theory is wrong. Because the killer stabbed Sung Mo’s mother. He better not be his father.

Also, the cliffhanger is killing me. The hell has Lee Ahn got himself into?


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