He Is Psychometric: Episode 6 My Sincere Review

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If I was 45% sure about my theory in the last episode review, I’m 85% sure in this one. All the sighs of the psycho show his relation to Sung Mo. If that is the case, then I feel sorry for Sung Mo. First, he has to deal with a psycho of a father, then he had to deal with tracking him down because let’s face it, he probably had fringe in his father may be involved in the arson case. The only light in his life would be Ahn, that too came because the action of his father I might add.

Poor him.

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Let’s come to the fun part. Ahn has already acknowledged his feelings for Jae In. But Jae In is still in the process (I think, or maybe she is afraid to do so). But one thing is confirmed. There is absolutely no romance. Maybe they just are slow in these things?

“I don’t care, I’m doing this for you too!”

The perfect way to win a lady’s heart.

Speaking of non-existent romance. Sung Mo talked casually with detective Ji Soo. Wow! so romantic. No really. There is two way the Korean speak; the formal way and informal way. Sung Mo talking in a formal way meant that he wants everything strictly professional. Talking casually means stepping out the boundary of professionalism and entering the friend zone. Or rather romance zone.

Jae In agreed to help Ahn to evolve his psychometric ability. At first, I was not sure how she was gonna do that. But oh boy what an amazing job she is doing. She is a pro. Of course, she studied the diary given by Sung Mo. But she took the task and feels responsible for it.

Side note, Sung Mo took a record of every psychometry deed done by Ahn. Every. Single. One.

She went all experiment crazy on him. She studied him.

Also, Ahn did a psychometric experiment on a big scale. That too with the approval of his hyung (who came back after crashing the live TV I might add) But it took a toll on him. I couldn’t believe he fainted. That means he could also feel whatever he would touch. Now that is something Jae In should be worried about.

One of the vital part of the episode was when Jae In went to meet her dad. It was filled with tension. Only one party wanted to extinguish it. Jae In wanted to speak her mind. Unfortunately, it took a toll on her father. Really bad. The stunt he pulled at the end of the episode would put a deep impact on her mind. Of course, she would take the blame. What better explanation could she give?

Jae In’s father taking his life complicates the situation further. It seems like he did not want to face his daughter after she got the whole truth. What really happened so bad that made him take his life to ignore. Major cliffhanger.

On the side note, the psycho is in Sung Mo’s apartment. I hope he does not kill their dog. Amen.

What do you think? How would Jae In’s father’s death would effect the story?


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