He is Psychometric: Episode 7 My Sincere Review

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It turns out Jae In’s father is okay. Thank God!

Even after pulling the stunt and coming back from death, he has the same attitude towards his daughter. The attitude trying to convince his daughter not to dig up the past. This is worrisome and understandable at the same time. He would, of course, want his daughter to live free of any chains of the past limiting her. But technically, that is impossible.

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Living or having a friend as Ahn, with a superpower such as psychometry, one is supposed to have no secrets whatsoever. They are going to reveal anyway. One thing to be noticed is that both, Ahn and Jae In don’t know about each other’s parents much. And when they do, that would be something.

Ahn’s trying to cheer up Jae In was so cute. Also, he was so convinced that Jae In would be the most beautiful girl in the hall, that he didn’t really have the need to explain the children who to give the candy to.

‘Where do you touch to get the best read?’

Ahn’s reply was awesome,

‘Didn’t we had this conversation before?’

This little conversation was the base of something great coming ahead of them.

The ‘‘introductory clip’’ with every episode shows the intertwined relations of the characters in the past. No wonder the Sung Mo is mysterious about everything. Not only when he is all grown up, but he was also like this serious and secretive when he was in high school.

I think he opened up the most in this episode when he told him a little bit about his past. Also, that he is determined to kill that psychotic man. May he wants to make this world a better place by eliminating the pests.

Speaking of determination, detective Ji Soo would not let any clue fly from her hand. It was smart of her to directly contact Jae In rather than keep it to herself. Then again, she is a detective. It’s her job.  Unity is strength, Ji Su and Jae In would together do better to solve the past that would free present of many.

Besides the main story, there is a side story going side by side. The story of Dae Bong and So Hyun. Poor Dae Bong is so desperate for her attention. The wallet stunt was epic! The way So Hyum tossed his money in the air… You could hear the crashing of Dae Bong’s heart.

What significant about this scene is, that they mentioned the all great Gong Yoo, that too with the reference of one of the most amazing drama I have ever seen, Goblin. They also played its song heart.

Ahn trying to study psychometry in the library is always fun.

‘How stupid do you think I am?’

The tale of Ahn’s stupidity is sung in every episode.

This time, he is accompanied by his friend Dae Bong, who is sent to this earth with a big heart. He not only gave him his favourite car but also proved to the lady that Ahn is gay. Yes, the same lady who always catches Ahn snuggling with his brother or friend!

The best scene of the episode was when Ahn and Jae In went to the company of the big bad wolf I mean Dragon Head Hunting and caused havoc. No wait, it was the second best scene. Who is stupid enough to go to a mafia type company with no back up what so ever? I know I am not. Ahn also did not apply his psychometry magic on anything useful in the building. Wait, knowing that the drink has sleeping pills is useful enough. But you know what I mean.

The moment they entered the building and were on the lift, I knew there was an action scene coming ahead. When they tried to sneak out realising that it was a bad idea, I was like really? Good luck getting out without a scratch. Stupid or not, they nailed beating the crap out of those guys. Thank God for sending Ji Su in time. Her colleague’s entry was so cool!

The best scene was obviously the one in the end. The first one of its kind so far. I hope there are more to come.

Looking beyond romance, I wonder what Ahn would read in her psychometry.

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