He Is Psychometric Episode 8: My Sincere Review

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Puberty hit on this drama at episode 8, and it hit hard!

Even though the story is the same, the course of the story itself changed to 180 degrees. A lot of things revealed to confuse the audience.

We all knew that Sung Mo is a super serious person. I personally thought that is is because of what happened when he was young. All the tragedies and stuff. But no, they took is the ability to unable to feel any emotion to another level. Come to think of it, ‘alexithymia’ ( inability to identify and describe emotions in the self) was introduced in the previous episode. Who else would mark all the emotions on the dictionary? Also, the way Sung Mo’s mother tells him about the word ‘hurt’ when Ahn did the psychometry. This is one thing.

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The other thing, which I can’t really say that is the problem or something to be happy about is, that the only person who is able to make Sung Mo feel anything is Jae In. She not even can make him feel things nut also change his mood for good when she is not around. Of course, we had a few hints here and there in the previous episodes, but I would always dismiss the idea because she is Ahn’s girl. And I think that Sung Mo has a clear picture of it. Still, he stalks her for crying out loud! And this has dragged her to danger that she doesn’t even know about.

Speaking of Jae In being Ahn’s girl, Ahn is not waling but running towards her to make her his girl. Now even Jae In could not just ignore his moves. While the rest of the episode went through how serious the case has gotten and how the killer is pro at everything he does, these two love birds were entangled in each other’s thoughts, with a little bit of practice.

“Your breaks are completely out of order!”

One very significant thing happened when Ahn ran all the way to Jae In’s home to tell her about the discovery he made. He kind of saved her from the hungry wolf. Oh, how I wish he read psychometry read on that psycho. Still, all is not lost. At least Jae In was able to see his face clearly. She is a smart girl. I’m sure she would figure something about it in the future.

At the beginning of the episode, Sung-Mo just threatened the head of police, that also happened to be Ji Su’s father, that he is somehow involved with the bad guys. But he later proved that is really is. Maybe it is for a good reason. To be the inside man or something. If Sung Mo doesn’t cherish her and would not lead the psycho to hurt her, she is definitely is cherished by her father and has a chance of getting hurt by these bad guys. In a nutshell, both ladies of the drama are somehow in danger, that too because of men they know.

The side story of Jae In’s friend and Ahn’s best friend is also elevating. I really hope everything turns out good for them.

The end scene was so cute! there were little romance and a little sadness. We were able to see Ahn without the mask he is always seen with. The way she ‘imposed’ the sudden gesture for him to read psychometry on her, so cute!

And I also think that Sung Mo watched them kiss in the end…

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