He Is Psychometric Episode 9: My Sincere Review

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I was really looking forward to watch the next episode. Although a lot happened, the story was not much progress. But a few important things happened nevertheless.

First, I don’t know if you noticed or not, the child star playing Ahn has the same accent as the grown-up Ahn?

My speculation in the previous review was correct. Sung Mo really noticed them both together in the garden. We are now seeing the ‘secret admirer’ Sung Mo a lot more. This ‘secret admire’ attitude, however, made some distances between him and his loyal friend Ji Soo. Although he never really thought about the relationship between him and detective, this is a really big loss for him.

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Seeing that these two are now on a different page, I can’t really root for anyone against the other (Maybe Ji Soo has a few more points than Sung Mo, just saying). Setting his junior up for spying on Sung Mo is a big move. The way he says

‘Why do you need to spy on an ally?’

It was negative capability.

A lot more people are now distrusting the case result of the fire that broke out all those years ago. With the doctor, the detective, the prosecutor, the cop and the great psychometrist after this case, it’s not long that it will be solved. Correctly solved.

One significant, really significant thing happened in the episode was the truth about Sung Mo’s mother. Who could have thought! Now that is called a twist in the story. Who could have thought that the psychometry he did on the dead body of second fire case ( I don’t remember the name of it…) the only clue Ahn would find will be the ultimate one of the lady in the ring. No one in thousands of years could have thought that she herself would be Sung Mo’s mother.

When this lady was in those apartments, the fire broke out followed by murders by the psycho. When she was in the hospital, the same case happened. That person really doesn’t want her around. And now she is missing again. I really hope they solve the case and catch the killer before another fire breaks out.

Ahn tested if his brother is really alexithymic or not. In his point of view, it was successful.  However, that doesn’t really hide the fact that Sung Mo is really alexithymic. I have two theories why he acted the way he did when Ahn stepped on his foot. One, maybe he lived with this ‘situation’ for so long that he knows how to act around people and how to behave on such gestures. You can tell how much of study he did to know them all. Second, that maybe it was because of Jae In? It is not a secret that Jae In has brought, unknowingly, may change to Sung Mo. She always had.

The side story of Dae Bong and So Hyun is going well. Dae Bong is ready to defend her in any case possible. The way he shouts at the lady ‘Ahjumma!’ (lady!), So Hyun should never let go of him. You can’t really find a person ready to shout on the elders for the love of their life. Especially in Korea. Also, solving So Hyun’s case gave Jae In’s senior a chance to prove his worth. He too, along with Dae Bong, made a fantastic impression on his lady.

Ahn and Jae In’s date went really well. Thanks to Ahn’s proper study on ‘100 ways to seduce on the first date’. Besides a little bit of romance, we were also able to see the bad-ass side of Ahn along with the sad story of Dae Bong.

I must say, the dark side of Ahn is so cool! He was like bam bam, don’t you dare mess with me. His hair changes with his personality. This dark side of Ahn was also seen in the first episode. I wonder how he got to this sweet side?

Story of Dae Bong was so sad. Who could have thought that Dae Bong is Ahn’s first kiss?! (best friends goals, not really!) But seriously, there was a big story behind all those smiles.

The date ended well. Well, kind of. Not really.

Let’s see how Ahn react after knowing the truth about Jae In’s father.

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