How To Stop Procrastination With One Minute Rule

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One minute everything is going fine and you are motivated. Then you go to the house to see piles of dishes waiting to be done and then books in the bookshelf who can’t breath piled up. These little annoying things can be a major… restrainers. Instead of doing all these little things on the weekend, try the one-minute rule.

Here is what one-minute rule says, ‘if the thing can be done by less than one minute, do it now’. But first, what even is this procrastination?


If you have some stuff to do but just don’t feel like doing it. That is procrastination. Even though very important things might pile up, but some random show on the tv seem more interesting, it doesn’t even matter if we enjoy it. We just have to busy ourselves to ignore the elephant in the room. If you know what I’m saying!

And here’s how it works

If you have a to-do list, you might have added some major things that have to do in the days or week. It may leave out small things like tidying up the desk because it might not seem important. But if you look at something and feel like that this thing can take up just below one minute, do it at once.

procrastinating on the phone

How it stops procrastination?

As we live through the day little things get piled up. And by the end of the weekend, you might not have the whole weekend because you have to do somethings on Saturday. To live a stress-free life with a mind that has less clutter for these things, we have to do things immediately. One might not think of making the bed every morning, because you don’t have time or it just not seem important enough, one minute rule would jump in and say, ‘dude, it would not even take a minute, just clear the sheets out!’. That means that you would have to take extra steps and a bit more effort to do something.

Why it might not work for you? And how to deal with it

I’ll be honest here, there might be times when you would not even think of the rule and move on. It happens. But we can’t just accept that and move on. It’s time to defeat this procrastination! Little steps would lead to a bid destination. It’s all about tricking your mind. First, know and make your mind know that this is for your own personal development. It would bring good to not only you but also to the people around you. Second, put rewards at the end of the millstones. If you trick yourself saying if you are able to pull this off and apply in your life for a week, you’ll be getting a Netflix marathon. That would give you guilty free time on Netflix. Not only that but a relaxed mind that would say bye-bye to annoying little things.


I don’t know about you, but procrastination has a big part in my life. Dealing with it for so long has to lead me to one thing. Fight with it every time. It means it would be following us all the time, but the little steps take us away from it. I know sounds tiring but hey, we can’t just give up now, can we?

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