Kashmir an unsolved conflict between Pakistan and India

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Kashmir is one of the beautiful places on the earth. But unfortunately it is not independent state. It is occupied by more than 2 millions Indian troops and deadly collection of terrorists.

Kashmiris are being persecuted by India for many years. Being Muslims they want to join Pkaistan, but India does not want so. It has been an insolved conflict between Pakistan and India. And has been a matter of ego for India.
Irrelevantly Kashmir has been battleground b/w Indo-Pak conflicts. It is a disputed area. It neither belongs to Pakistan nor India. But it has been takenover by India, and has been tortured very badly by Indian Army in every possible way. As kashmiris show patriotism about Pakistan.

Whenever they are homicide by cruel India, they use Pakistani flag as kafan (for death bodies), and shout slogans in favour of Pakistan. By their these kind of actions ( showing love for pak) India increases oppression.

Kashmiris are being treated as pawns, no value of their lives. Anybody can be killed ant time. Pakistan does not force Kashmir to become a part of Pakistan, We the Pakistani pray for theor freedom, their independence as all the other countries of the world….( Kashmir —- a separate state )

There is a lot of brutalisation in Kashmir. Everyday they are being killed brutally, and they are losing their new generation as well. And there is anger in young generation. As a young teenagers they have big dreams too, but as kashmiri the dreams are suppressed. Hopelessness everywhere due to this conflict.

And there also can be psychological effects on there young generation, as pens are snatched their youth is forced to pick up guns. Which bring us back to 2019, the suicider bomber was 19 years old ADIL AHMED DAR also known as Waqar commander from Kashmir.

On February 14, a pre-recorded 10 minutes long video statement was released; He said that he will be directly recruited to Jaish’s Fidayeen squad. “Fidayeen” means “those who sacrifice themselves”. Dar declared, ‘He will be in Jannah, when this video reaches the people’.

After blast, local residents; women and children went to Dar’s house. His father said, ‘He, Dar was very responsible boy, he would save Rs.5 if he haf Rs. 10 in his pocket. He would help her monther in household works too. Further GhulamHassan Dar (his father) said, ‘In his free time, he would also take odd jobs to make some money for himself. In 2017 he earned about Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 by making wooden boxes at nearby mill’.

Searching for answers: Dar’s family searched how their tha much responsible son become a sucider bomber !?, They remembered an incident in 2016 while he was returning home from school, “A police officer stopped him and made him rub his nose on ground.” His father said; “He kept mentioning this incident again and again. That means he was effected physiologically by this accident. And in the same year Dar was also shouted a bullet in his leg, and was plasted for 3 months.

In the valley there were protests raged for months, on killing the Hazbul Mujahidden Commander Burhan Wani.
Dar was not first member of his family to join Militancy. His cousin had joined before. And his older brother also went to join; 4 days after missing, Adil left home too,. While his brother returned home after 14 days, but Adil did not…..!

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