Kingdom: Drama Review Of A Non-Korean Fan

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I am not a person who does nail-biting. I honestly find it far than being comfortable with it. However, one particular series, or rather episode broke the record of me never doing it. In fact, I’ve been doing nail-biting throughout the episode, far away from the screen.

I am a fan of Korean dramas. When I wrote an article about the upcoming dramas in 2019, there were some of them that I had characterized a few on the must-watch list in my mind. This Netflix special series ‘Kingdom’ was on the top of my list.

After watching the drama ‘Goblin’ over and over again, I became a big fan of Gong Yoo and was determined to watch his all shows and movies. That was when I came across ‘Train To Busan’ an amazing movie of genre zombies, I was impressed. That’s why the ‘Kingdom’ had my special attention. Its main genre is also zombies (along with the violence of course).


Episode 1

The first episode already and I am smitten. While watching historical fiction, you would notice a great amount of unjust behaviour of the ruler on his people. That also happened in this series but on a vast scale.

Must there always be a woman in power with evil intentions?

The crown prince (only in name of course) is a smart person. He realises that something very bad happened to the king, that too in his own palace. While everyone around him, besides his personal bodyguard, are trying to restrain him, he does not let anyone control his life.

If things are bad in Hanyang (where the royal family resides), its worst in Dongnae (a small city crushed with famine). They, however, do have the best physician in the kingdom who encountered the terrible disease with his own eyes.

To say that the conditions are bad in Dongnae would be an understatement. Imagine, to what extent the people would have gone that someone had to cook up a dead person for the community to eat?! It’s horrible! To start with, that is absolutely disgusting. Second, even his intention was just to survive, he got unlucky. Really unlucky. The ‘evil disease’ is now set up in the city. What’s worse? The person who may be able to sure it is confined to the room with a horde of zombies out his doorstep.

Really wish him to survive. And the crown prince to reach the city when the worst is over.

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