Kingdom Episode 2: My Sincere Review

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Thank God prince Chang of the Kingdom reached there when the worst was over. Well, kind of.

The starting scene tells us about the strong relationship between the prince and his bodyguard. It also depicts the fact that people of old times, especially the royals, dealt considered the life of their subordinates as something to play with. The prince jokes about annihilating his guard’s family. Annihilate. Like that is the funniest thing to talk about.

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In the first episode, it looked like the prince has never left the palace on far away journies. But the way Prince Chang dealt with the things in this episode is applause-worthy. Of course he took some help from his bodyguard, but still.

These two, the prince and his bodyguard decides to go to Hanyang without any plan. But no plan would have been worked on the place they were going to. The clinic that witnessed havoc depicted greatly what it has gone through. It was locked up good with the spears allowing no one to go in or out (just like the cell wall…). I must say, that was really clever. Locking up the dead bodies (they are not really dead, but anyway) under the floor was super clever. Until his royal prince himself come and take them out.

However, the thing really needs to think about is, that how on earth, two helpless people managed to do it?

But they gave us a little compensation. You can work upon your plan when the sun rises, for all the zombies would be turned to corpse. Note, the sun matters.

The inspector from the Dongnae town seems like a quick-witted person. Unfortunately, he is exposed to the wrath of the monsters.  hope he survives.

Things in Hanyang are as political as before. I would like to give a few words not of how much of awful things they are doing by serving people to the zombie king and dumping them in the river. But of the beautiful trees that surround the river. Weird I know. But the scene and the colour of the trees were so mesmerising that I had to see that scene more than once. Beautiful trees with different colours contrasting with the blue water of the river. Wow.

Hanyang, capital of the kingdom
Who could have thought that the guards on the boat are going back after dumping the bodies?

Normally when anyone would try to convince me that lock up the dead people because they would come back to life after the sunset and create desolation to unspeakable level, I would ignore the person (although I wish nobody will ever say that to me. Ever). The innocent and pitiful people of Dongnae did the same. But they paid a heavy price. The whole kingdom now is in grave danger.

The nurse from the clinic even after the unfortunate event, is out to find the cure of the disease. So nice of her. I am nor sarcastic. At all.

The last hope to cure the person is now part of the disease itself. Now the very last hope left is of the prince himself. May he find a way quick to save the kingdom before it perishes.

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