List Of Horror Movies Of 2019 To Make You Stiff From Scare

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We all must have jumped or hidden under the blanket in horror because of horror films released the previous year. Movies like The Nun, Holloween, Hereditary, The Devil’s Doorway, Welcome to Mercy and Ghost Stories are few of many movies that were a focus of our applause.

As well as the movies did in the previous years, 2019 is no stranger to amazing upcoming horror movies.

1. Annabelle 3

Another one of The Conjuring universe and sequel to Annabelle 3 was a great success with $84 million and $102 million respectively. It would not be wrong to consider this movie scariest movie in the series so far.

The infamous possessed doll targets Ed and Lorraine Warren’s daughter. The thing that makes is spookier is the fact that it brings all the haunted item in Warren’s artefact room to life.

2. Doll from The Boy 2

Sequal to 2016 movie, The Boy, Doll from The Boy 2 was confirmed after the success of the first movie that earned $64 million worldwide, that too in the budget of $10 million.

A young girl is hired as a nanny after then she realises that she is supposed to tend a life-size doll (with creepy capabilities).

In the sequel, the protagonist and her family encounter the doll. All the terror and mysteries come with it. The movie would be released the next year if not this one.

3. The Curse of La Llorona

The Curse of La Llorona

Horror Movies

Directed by Michael Chaves, director of the famous short film The Maiden. He did a great job in his feature debut film released in April The Curse of La Llorona.

A supernatural creature obsessed gets obsessed with children as hers drowned in the river. A social worker family who has an unfortunate encounter with the creature had to go through all the problem and terror it will cause them.

4. 3 From Hell

3 From Hell is the sequel to 2005 hit The Devil’s Rejects. As the movie ends ambiguously, the viewers are not entirely sure is the three main characters survived. However, not much is known about the movie.

5. Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is the remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary made in 1989. Louis Creed buries his family’s cat in the mysterious plot. Nothing wrong with that. But things get wrong when the feline somehow comes back to life, with much aggressive form.

6. The Gallows Act II

Produced by a mare $100,000, The Gallows rocked the world by making $42 million worldwide. Why not make a sequel then?

Filmed in secret, this movie was a secret and surprised the fans of its existence in 2017. A young woman studying in the prestigious acting school is stalked by the evil spirit. Although the released date is not confirmed yet, its debut is plausible this year (2019).

7. The Demonologist

The movie was one of the first entries of 2019, released on January 1. A detective investigating a series of slayings discovers that a cult is planning to destroy the world by summoning the four King Demons as we know it. And only he can the hero to the world and prevent this from happening.

8. IT:  Chapter Two

IT:  Chapter Two

Horror Movies

It was impossible to tell the story of 1,100 pages of Stephen King’s It in one movie. The first half of the story was featured in 2017’s hit IT that grossed $700 million worldwide.

The sequel focuses on the children, now adults. September 2, 2019, is the date awaited by the fans.

9. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

After winning the Oscar for The Shape of Water, director Guillermo Del Toro signed to produce and c0-write Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, adaption of Alvin Schwartz’ book series. The story revolved around the group of the teen set out to solve the mystery of why so many people in their town are unexpectedly dying.

10. The Prodigy

Nicholas McCarthy, director of The Pact and At the Devil’s Door, is directing the movie which makes things more exciting.

Taylor Schilling, star of Orange Is the New Black, returns to the big screen with this paranormal movie. She plays the role of a mother who is a mother of a child that have some behavioural issues. She comes to the result that his action is because of the influence of some paranormal cause.

11. Ma

The Psychology horror film, starred by Octavia Spencer plays the den mother to a group of teens, only to reveal some distressing ulterior motives behind it.

12. Escape Room

Escape Room

Horror Movies

Escape rooms have become a phenomenon in recent years. It’s a real thing. You have to pay money to get locked in a room and have an hour to get out of the room by following and solving hidden clues to get out. This concept is given spookier horror spin having six strangers trapped in a room filled with dangerous booby traps. Just see the trailer and you will have the idea how intense and freaky it is.

13. In The Tall Grass

Vincenzo Natali, the inventive horror director is directing the story written by his famous father Stephen King and author Joe Hill.

The Netflix original production, the story revolves around a brother and sister who wanders of to large field after believing they heard a child crying for help.

14. New Mutants

As the name suggests, X-Men goes all horror and terror. And no, the cast is not the same. The movie, in April 2018, was bumped a month before the release date for reshoot to make it scarier. Its new release date is August 1, 2019.

15. Happy Death Day 2U

The protagonist is forced to repeat her final day again by the masked killer. He also targets everyone around her. This follow-up is the mix of dark comedy and horror and opened on Valentine’s Day.

16. Child’s Play

Child's Play

Horror Movies

Chuck doll, the nightmare, has given high tech version in this movie. A lot more advanced than the first 1988 movie, the movie was a great success released on June 19, 2019.

17. Us

The film that will give you goosebumps. A family goes on vacation but the mother had a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. Her feeling in the gut comes to life when the family is visited by four strangers determined to kill the family. The family trying to survive the terror soon realises that each attacker takes the appearance of them when the masks come off.

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