Manage Anger!

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There are some points in everyone’s life when something just triggers and we show our inner hulk to everyone. Okay, maybe not hulk. Like every other negative anger can do wonders in crashing your social life. Surely, everyone would have faced the bad consequences of anger in their life. But don’t worry, just follow these steps and be cool!

Think about the cause

One way around the problem is thinking about the cause. Why are you really angry? Whenever you feel like you want to tame your anger, stop and just think about it. Identifying the cause will help you know what are you trying to beat. Sometimes, anger is enveloping other emotions like embarrassment, shame and insecurity, if this is the cause, simply rethink. It would do the worders.

Avoid it

There are certain things that you have to avoid to manage your anger. Look at the routine, what are the places, who are the people what you do and when you do that make you angry. It’s smart to avoid them. Taking control of your anger to mean that they can take control on you.

Think About The Cause

Food and physical activities

Believe it or not, food can actually make a great impact on you. There is some food that you take on your daily basis, that is, in fact, the “cause” of your the crankiness. Really? I didn’t know that. It is best to keep your distance from too much coffee, tomatoes, spicy peppers, fish and chips, and greasy food. Best to go with dark chocolate, berries, yoghurt and a lot of water.

A walk can visibly reduce your stress level, making you more relax and calm. Go for a run if you want to smash anyone’s head on the wall because you really do not want to do that!

Express It

Do know that some anger is justified and here is a need to express it. You just can’t stop feeling the emotion, there is no way you can stop it. Keeping the anger and suppressing it might be harmful to you. Express it when you are calm and thinking clearly. Divert your mind to do something creative such as drawing or writing to lighten the mood and try to not think about it.

Coun To Ten

Take a deep breath and count to ten thinking of nothing. The stress level in your brain will go down. A very important note; think before you speak. This crucial moral from your childhood can save you from a lot of trouble.


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