Most Red Cards in History Of Football

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As much as the game of football is electrifying and intoxicating, the thing makes the make match much more thrilling is when someone is given a red card. That is the moment when we start praising and cursing someone.

Here is the list of most red cards in the history of football. Starting from ten. Just wait number one!

10. Patrick Vieira

This former player of France has the honour of getting player of the year award in 2001 from Arsenal and an amazing world cup in 1998.

But even with all these achievements, Patrick Viera is the collector of total 12 red cards in his career.

9. Roy Keane

Currently retired, this player of Ireland has given the title of player of the year award in 2000. He has impressive 7 awards in the English league championships and one-time champion league winner. Amazingly, two books have been written on this player which also includes his biography.

And more amazingly, this player has a total of 13 red cards in his career.

8. Felipe Melo

This defensive midfield player is a Brazilian player currently playing in club Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Felipe Melo has won many Turkish championships along with a Brazillian cup winner.

This Brazilian football player has gathered a total of 14 red cards so far.

Felipe Melo

7. Yannick Cahuzac

Yannick Cahuzac is the professional french player who plays as defensive midfield position. He plays in ‘Toulouse’ a French club. This player hasn’t received any trophy so far.

In addition to this Yannick Cahuzac has a total of 17 red cards in his career so far.

6. Pablo Alfaro

This retired Spanish player does not have much of to mention in his profile, except that he played in the club Racing.

Unlike his profile, Pablo Alfaro has comprehensive 18 red cards in his career.

5. Paolo Montero

He is currently Uruguayan football manager of Club Atlético Rosario Central and former player. He has played many games for Juventus and played as a central defender.

Paolo Montero has recieved 21 red cards in his football career.

4. Alexis Ruano Delgado

Alexis Ruano Delgado, known simply as Alexis, is a Spanish footballer who played for Saudi club Al-Ahli Saudi FC and now Al Ahli Jeddah. He has won a Spanish cup and a trophy of Turkish championship.

Alexis has managed to assemble 22 red cards in his career so far.


3. Sergio Ramos

Not much of a surprise. Sergio Ramos is a Spanish player who plays and captains the all-time famous club Real Madrid and also Spain national team. There is a long list of achievements in his career, domination of all is the world cup 2010. Surprisingly, he has the collection of four songs. Maybe more are coming.

There are all goods and bads. Sergio Mamos has gathered 22 red cards so far.

Sergio Ramos

2. Cyril Rool

He is retired French football mid player, played in Marseille last time in 2010. This left back player has one french championship trophy

This player has the whole party of 27 of red cards.

This is the point when things get most interesting!

1. Gerardo Bedoya

This former Columbian player has broken all records and holds the record for most red cards. Gerardo Bedoya is currently assistant manager of Independiente Santa Fe

Gerardo Bedoya has the grand collection of 46 red cards!

 Gerardo Bedoya

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