Myths about science everyone should stop believe

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Science, we usually agree with everything it tells us or in a way someone tells us about it. After reading this article you will learn not to believe in everything you hear.

Going out in chilly weather causes you to catch a cold!

A cold is caused by a viral infection of the respiratory system. Viruses do not magically appear in your body just because you went outside with your scarf. So unless you contact a virus from someone who is who is already infected, you most likely won’t get a cold.

We only use 10% of our brains

Although we may not use all of our brains all the time, imaging technologies like FMRO ( functional magnetic resonance imaging) reveal that we use our entire brains for the different processes at different times.

There is the dark side of the moon

Even though one side of the moon is never visible from the earth, the sun illuminates every part of the moon at some point. The other side( which we can’t see)isn’t always dark. So when we have a crescent moon, sunlight mostly illuminated the other side.

There is the dark side of the moon

All acids will burns:

In reality, there are hundreds of different acids exist and most of them can’t hurt you. Vinegar and citric acid are two weak acids that we often use. However, there are some in fact incredibly dangerous e.g. hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acids and can damage your skin permanently.

Brain cells don’t regenerate:

The reason believes this myth is that scientist thought for a long time that complex brains would be disrupted by the new cell growth. In 1998, however, scientist discovered that the brain continues to produce new cells in the learning memory center of the brain well into adulthood, through a process called neurogenesis.

Shaving your hair makes them thicker:

About all the people I know believe this myth even though they shouldn’t. The reason it seems to be true is because shaving just makes your hair feel coarser for a time. That’s because the end of the hair becomes blunt instead of pointed resulting in the thicker appearance.

The earth is closer to the sun in summer:

Seems to make sense, but in reality that not true. In fact, the exact opposite is true for people who live above the equator. So what causes the seasons if not the distance from the sun? It is the tilts of the earth axis. Thus, your summer months are the time when your part of the globe receives most direct sunlight, and winter months are the time when the suns rays reach you at ab oblige angle.

Sugar makes children hyperactive

Researchers have found no significant link between the consumption of sugar and hyperactivity. of course there are plenty of well-established links between the intake of sugar and obesity ( as well as other problems), so the parents should monitor the sugar intake of their children.

Sugar makes children hyperactive

You can kill a virus:

No, you can not. You can deactivate it, destroy it, but you can’t kill it. The reason: it wasn’t alive, to begin with. One of the requirements for life is the ability to reproduce and a virus is just not in like there. It survives only by taking the host cell and using it to make the copies of itself.

The is no gravity in space

Yes, there is gravity in space and quite a lot of it. In fact, that gravity is what causes stars to orbit the sun and a satellite to the orbit the center of the galaxy, Earth to orbit the sun and the satellites to orbit the earth. The reason the astronauts seems to be weightless in space is that when they are orbiting the earth; they are falling towards it, but moving significantly sideways to miss it. In short, they are falling but never landing.

Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice

Lightning actually doesn’t care where it strikes. Not only it can strike the same place more than once, but it’s also quite common. For example, lightening favors tall buildings and trees, but in large fields, lightning is likely to strike the tallest object several times before it moves sufficiently away to find another tall target.

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