Norway, the Land of Wonders

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Norway is one of the most adventurous and beautiful countries in the world. Located in northern Europe, Norway is the neighbouring country of Sweden. Sometimes mistaken for a small country, Norway is actually quite big and long country. It has a population of five million. There are in fact numerous things to do in this beautiful country, so make sure to plan to visit for a long period of time. A travelling You Tuber gives the advice to invest in drone camera so you can actually experience everything in every aspect.

It really is impossible to list down every tourist place in Norway because let’s face it, there are A LOT!

However, these are some amazingly mention-able places in Norway that simply take your breath away.

Svalbard northern lights:

The northern lights also known as aurora boreal, are the polar air particles that strike with the magnetic field of the polar region giving a marvellous sight. In the month of October, northern lights can be enjoyed in Svalbard with all its glory. This beautiful sight does not let your eyes wander away from it.

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Nigardsbreen Glacier:

Located in Luster Norway, this beautiful glacier will surely give you the experience of a lifetime. This while the mass of frozen ice gives you the opportunity to take the hike walk on it. Once start from the bottoms its total eight hours hike to the top. Nigardsbreen glacier is the perfect spot for adventurous people. However, it is important to listen to the local safety tips as many tourists have faced accidents during the walk.

Nigardsbreen Glacier


Atlantic Ocean Road:

One of the top visiting sites in Norway, Atlantic Ocean road is also known as Altanterhavsvagen by the locals. This thrilling road was declared as the Norwegian construction of the century by The Guardian. This road literally goes over the ocean of total 8.274 km and 8 bridges long. This road is considered one the most dangerous road in the world. More than ten car manufacturers have done commercials on this site. Although this road is pretty peaceful in summers, it gets far more dangerous in winters with waves coming from all directions.

Atlantic Ocean Road


Midnight Sun:

This is one of the unbelievable features of Norway. In summer, the sun set round about ten o’clock at NIGHT, not completely but just about the horizon, and come back up at one! Hence there is light in the cities for months! However a warning to the tourists, midnight Sun can be a little overwhelming. It is because the natural body clock is disturbed and people can suffer from insomnia and lack of appetite. Even the locals keep their windows covered so that no light could enter.

Midnight Sun

Trollstiger Road:

Translated in English the trolls path, the Trollstiger road is one of the major tourist sites in Norway. This road is masterpiece paved into the mountains with the majestic view. This road is also one of the extreme biking spots in the world. With 10% incline, it’s various turns is what make this road unique.

Trollstiger Road


Usually, when people hear about this place they would think it’s a hoax, so you have to see to believe. Saltstraumen is the area in the Atlantic Ocean with huge whirlpools in it. They are so strong that they can swallow the boat near it. These whirlpools can go up to five meters down! Hence whenever this area is visited, the tourists are suppose to wear full protective gear because safety comes first.


Langfossen Falls:

With a height of 612 meters, it is the fifth big waterfall in Norway. This marvellous waterfall is more of an attraction point than activity. This waterfall was declared as the best waterfall in the world by world waterfall database. The fact that this waterfall is not being used for generating hydro electricity, this beautiful waterfall is still in its natural state.

Langfossen Falls

In a nutshell:

Norway can easily be in the list of those countries that you want to travel with lots of experience and adventure. Besides being the ideal location for a honeymoon, Norway can be enjoyed with our friends and family for the perfect holiday.

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