Pakistan’s Gesture Of Peace Not Acknowledged By India

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Elections are right at the corner in India. Instead of focusing on the campaign, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to provoke Pakistan and impose a war. On top of that, Indian media supported this idea to the fullest. The question arises, is India fully ready to have a war with an atomic country?

On Thursday, 26th of February, Indian military jets entered Pakistan’s territory clearly violating the basic peace rule. This act was greatly criticised in Pakistan, especially by the media. Many experts tried to diminish the idea that India is calling for war to Pakistan, hence the act was ignored. What greatly provoked Pakistan was the fact that they attempted the hollow again the next day. This time, however, the act couldn’t be ignored. Pakistan’s military jets shot their jet down to the ground. The pilot had to choice but to eject. This pilot of the newly famous Abhinandan Varthaman. This elevated the tension between the countries to the highest level. At this point, citizens on both sides were mentally ready for the war.

The next day turned out to be the historic day in the name of peace. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announced to sent the soldier back to his country as a ‘peace gesture’. This move was greatly appreciated in Pakistan and all over the world. Even some of the Indian reactions came out grudgingly in the favour of Pakistan.


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