PewDiePie VS T Series-Competition Is Getting Intense

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PewDiePie, a famous you tuber maintained his reputation of being the highest subscribed channel on YouTube for the last five years. Famously known for his commentary on games, he surpasses every channel on YouTube with 84.3 million loyal subscribers. It would not be wrong to call PewDiePie ‘one man army’.

PewDiePie’s holy reputation, however, is at stake with a famous Indian Music Company ‘T Series’ hot on its tail. This competition intensified in 2018 with T Series fast forward to the top. It managed to gain over  72 million subs within months, all thanks to India’s groundbreaking data service penetration.

With the figure decreasing these two to just 5ooo, PewDiePie is working hard to gain more subscribers to save his reputation. On the other hand, the T Series is anchored to its job hoping for the best.

PewDiePie VS T Series-Competition Is Getting Intense

Looking at the gap decreasing between the two, it’s not long that T Series would claim the crown. Which is why ‘Save The Internet’ campaign is rising on twitter when The UK Independence Party (UKIP) gave a shout out to PewDiePie giving it the political turn.

“Are you doing your part? Help protect freedom of speech on the internet by sharing and signing this petition against the EU Copyright Directive. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to @pewdiepie on YouTube and keep the corporate @TSeries from the top,” tweeted UK Independence Party.


UKIP's tweet

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