Pleasure Of Reading

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Reading make a full man

Reading argumentative prose develop logical thinking. Whereas by reading poetry a man becomes imaginative. Shakespeare’s dramas take us into the world of romance where realize exists by side. Ketats’ poems opens magic casements for us. Books teaches us the ways of the world. Books are our best friends who will never betray if we are faithful to them. A good man spends most of his time in reading good books.

“Studies serve for delight for ornament and for ability”.

When a person is alone and has no company, books give delight. It serves as an punctuated by the great writer’s opinion becomes impressive. Moreover, by reading books one get the capacity to conduct the affair properly.
Cleaver and witty people misuse their studies, simple men only admire them and wise men will use them. A cunning and criminal minded man will commit crimes more cleverly by reading detective novels. Whereas a wise and skillful man will get good guidance from them. And only wise man will be successful, satisfied, and happy in his life. Studies gives confidence in life.

“Histories make men wise, poets witty, mathematicians subtle, and philosophy deep.”

If a man can not concentrate let him study mathematics; if he can not be discriminatory let him study philosophy; if he can not argue he should read lawyer’s cases. So in this way every defect of mind can be mended by reading.
Reading Arabian Nights is the best way to avoid harsh realities of depressed life for a while. For some time we forget that in the world people sit and hear each other’s groan. We start feeling life as a holiday. We cultivate moral outlook by reading dramas and novels.

In short, books are man’s real and best companions. They never create any kind of trouble for man instead they are solution for every problem. Reading is very good habit. And the one who make reading their habit, never fails in any examination. So we all should develop the habit of reading, specially students.

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