Responsibility of Good Citizen, Man and his Society

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Thousands of years ago, like animals men lived in caves. They lived hard lives and used to hunt to feed themselves. We now call them Savages.

They learnt to live a better and safer life together, began to live in families and tribes. Then they settled along the river banks. Large and small town were build. Some men started farming the lands, some became weavers, some masons, some cobblers and some soldiers. They started to work for one another. And life became happier, easier and safer.

With time, men became more civilized and society grew larger. Many more new professions and occupations developed. To make life more safer and easier rules and laws were also made. And today we have teachers, engineers, artists, writers, policemen and a host of other workers who all do something for their fellow men.
A milkman keeps cattle for our benefits and brings milk for us. Baker bakes the bread, printer prints our books, driver drives the bus on which we travel, the workers engineers run the mill, which weaves the clothes we wear, the teacher teaches the students, the doctor treats the sick patients, shopkeeper sells daily use articles, and the police maintain peace.

Fresh water flows out just by turning on the tap, light comes on just by pressing a switch, removal of garbage and cleaning the streets are possible, only in an organised Society. And now it’s our turn to repay our society for all these gifts.

Firstly, what the society is..?

People in general, living in communities or a particular community of people who share the same customs, laws,traditions and values. The people of particular country, area, time etc. Means where we are living, we are surrounded by our society.

Here we meet positive as well as negative people, find positive and negative things. Now it’s up to us by which vibe we get influenced. But if we focus on positives we can acquire them and vise versa.

But now a days as I have observed people are attracted more towards negativeness. Like if he is corrupt i.e. Being a government doctor opens private clinics and spend more time there, which poor can not afford, so a big lose to poor people’s health. Specially police should be more scrupulous to the country, having no cupidity and should not take bribe from anyone because by doing so they vanish fear of criminals and encouraging them etc. And many more examples like this. If he is doing so why should not I (negativity). But everyone have to reckon before God for his own deeds.

Every morning, our day starts with a milkman’s knock and if he mixes water in milk, how can he expect his other follow men to be honest with him ? If a shopkeeper gives short measure or sells sub-standard goods, he must be prepared to get same kind of treatment from others. Our society and country provides many benefits which we enjoy everyday. It is, therefore, our duty to be loyal and patriotic.

We always blame society and forget that we are part of it. We should be honest to ourselves first, change ourselves. If we change ourselves individually, society will be changed itself.

dAs once a man wanted to change the world and tried too much, but failed. Then he realized that it is impossible and changed himself, his thinking instead. Similarly if you want any good change in society, start from yourself.

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