Roman Reign To Give An Appearance WWE RAW For His Leukemia Update

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Roman Reigns left us all in the state of shock and dismay with his announcement of his Leukaemia that he has been fighting for almost eleven years. On October 23, he announced live of his Leukemia that has returned due to which he would be unable to rock the ring for some time.

The thing that made the whole crowd give a big round of applause is the fact that he gave no sign of defeat. We saw fighter Roman Reign we know who swore to fight this problem away and back for us.

WWE stars and all the fans are now happy for Roman Reigns to return this Monday night raw to give the update on his leukaemia. This news was confirmed with a tweet by WWE chairman Vince McMahon. After this tweet, all of us hope for the best news from him.

Roman Reign To Give an appearance WWE RAW for his Leukemia Update

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