Simple makeup tricks to make you look younger

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Everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Period. There is no point to argue on that. All we need to do is embrace ourselves, true selves. But if you are looking a way to emphasize you’re natural beauty, or hide some imperfections just for a boost of confidence, you can use makeup. Here are few simple makeup tricks to keep you started.

1. Primer

When you paint a wall, you first apply primer right? Same goes for your skin. Applying primer would make your skin ready for the foundation. Primer does a great job at moisturizing your skin. Without primer, your skin would just absorb all the moisturizing content from your foundation with the appearance of dry skin emphasizing on wrinkles and fine lines.

Sure, all other creams and moisturizer do the job, but using the primer can be your best option. Using the primer would make sure that your foundation would stay longer. Primers come in gel, spray and cream. Choose the type according to your skin type. Whether you want to mattify the skin, hydrate it or fill in the pores.

2. Foundation

Choosing the best foundation for your face is really essential. The lighter, the better. Look for the foundation that does a good job in covering the fine lines. Powder foundation can be a little bit dry. One of the best ways to apply the foundation is with a makeup sponge.

Just wet the sponge and drain the excess water out of it. Apply the liquid foundation to the skin. Using the sponge can stop the cakiness to appear. The best way to apply the liquid foundation is to first apply at the back of the hand. Taking the foundation from there would ensure that not too much of the foundation is applied. And even after some fine line does not hide, use a concealer. Give the final touch with a finely-milled translucent powder, not the powder foundation, it’s too heavy and would only lead to cake face

3. Eyebrow

As we grow older, our eyebrows tend to get thinner. So, try to get bolder eyebrows. And makeup can help greatly in it. Just try to fill in the parts that need to be filled. Use a tone lighter than your hair colour if you have darker hair, and if you have blond hair, just use tone darker.

If you have a very thin eyebrow that needs to be filled in throughout, just use the pencil beside the eye just a little slant and measure the ending and starting point for the eyebrow that you have to draw. Start from the head to the tail.


4. Eye Shadow

Starting from the basic use the lighter eyeshadow primer first, the base of simply white colour will do. The base would ensure that the colour that you want to use will enhance and pop. It’s correct that the colour suits are different skin to skin. Just follow the universal rule. Dark shadow at the corners with the lighter to inner corner. Try to avoid dark eyeshadow under the eyes, it would make the eyes look droopy. Similarly, avoid the use of kohl. Instead use the lighter eye pencil, white, to the inner side of the lower eye. It would immediately make your eyes look bigger. And that’s the goal.

5. Upper Lash Line

Just like eyebrows, the eyelashes can also become thinner with the passage of time. To cover that part, use a black or dark brown pencil and use on the base of the lash. It would give the lush look for the lash. The most important part is the mascara. It looks great on the lower lash line too. Just be careful getting the smudges.

Upper Lash Line

6. Contour And Blush

Contour play a very important part in making the face look fresh and symmetrical. When the skin becomes a little old, the skin kind of becomes droopy giving the old look. This problem can easily be solved with contouring. Just use the contouring powder at the bottom of your cheekbones, from the lower side of the ears towards the mouth. As for the blush, apply on the cheekbones.

7. Lips

Lips too can get thinner with the ongoing of age. Specially the upper lip. Fortunately, thin lips can be filled in to become fuller with makeup without any use of surgeries. Lighter and natural shades look good on every skin tone. However, you can try a little bit dark shade if you have brown skin. Red and purples look great if you have darker skin. A useful tip to follow is that make sure that your lips stay moisturized. Applying the lipstick on dry lips would do more damage that good. If you have naturally dry lips, try using lip gloss.


Point To Ponder

The focus of this article is not to prove that you have some imperfections, its just to give you some ideas and points that can boost up your confidence if you are having a problem.

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