Sunglasses Trend Of The Year 2019

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It’s impossible to talk about fashion without glasses. This year gave us some funky and classic trends. Here are some trendy sunglasses of the year 2019.

Shield Glasses

Given the name, they shield our face and covers the most of it. They are made up of one large protective piece instead of the bi frame.

Sporty Glasses

These glasses have a comeback with the shield glasses this year. This one with a rather delicate design.

Extreme Bling

Although jewels were a part of sunglasses fashion to some extent, they took a big step this year. If you have an “extra’ personality, these ones are best for you. These are the glasses extremely decorated with jewels.

Patterned Frames

Funky one in the list. Patterned frames look gorgeous with fabric patterns. In addition to this, patterns to these frames are so cool and fun.

Red Frames

Want to feel life 1950s heroin? Try out red frames that would take you back in the time.

Triangle Shaped Lenses

A futuristic approach to the lense of the glasses. It comes with the effect of sophistication.

Horizontally Slim Lenses

Slim lenses made their part in the list along with others. These are found in both rectangular and triangular shape.

Tiny Sunglasses

These ones come in handy to accessorize your eyes, rather than shielding them from the sun.

Big Square Lenses

You can look fashionable if not feel like doing makeup. These glasses are timeless.

Round Lenses

Glamouraously round lenses can be your style this summer.

Cat Eyes

Perfect to elongate face and emphasising cheekbones, cat-eye sunglasses didn’t manage to disappoint us this year.

Heart Frame

A different but dope approach to sunglass revolution.

Black Lenses

These come in many designs this year, to totally conceal your eyes.

Two-Toned Lense

Sunglasses that would give the reflection of spring on your face with multi-shades. There are different colour collections out there.

Mirrored Lense

These lenses can be intimidating and sporty, depending on the design.

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