The 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World

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Nature is blessed us with the most beautiful views of different a human nature the most attractive place is the one that is surrounded by huge mountains, running rivers, greenery all around, massive glaciers, plains with wild travel to the different part of the world from Arizona to Antarctica the mothers nature is full of beauty that is so aspiring that one need to travel to see the most attractive place of the world. Where the beauty lies and is uncountable .the article has been summarized into top 10 most beautiful places of the world.

1. Angel falls, Venezuela:

As the name itself suggest angel fall that indicates the highest waterfall. Venezuela is rich in natural beauty. Moreover,it has the highest waterfall of approximate 3212 foot cascades that make it the most unique of any other place in the is located in the UNESCO protected Canaima national park. This has been the wonder for people many compare it with paradise falls because this waterfall has added milestone attraction to this place.

2. Antarctica:

as the world look attractive in green forest and plants, ice add another beauty to the places. Antarctica has been popular for ice and it cover the entire contain blue glaciers, volcanoes and untouched snow that look the most fascinating and enough to add beauty to Antarctica. This become more attractive when penguin and humpback whale makes appearance to this place.


3. Antelope canyon, Arizona

This beautiful place is located in American south west. Antelope is famous for its name and trait as the place where water runs through rocks. The rocks are filled with more heart touching beauty when light of sun falls on the rock it look so vivid like a shining diamond of different colors. This place is blessed with the most beautiful creation that could attract people from different globe.

Antelope canyon, Arizona

4. Atacama Desert, Chile

It is the desert plateau in South America. The driest plateau but the most fascinating place to visit. it has jagged peaks, dry riverbeds and an amazing landscape it is so amazing that it looks like exploring the moon. This place has added great beauty and is ranking at the top level of worlds beautiful places to travel.

Atacama Desert, Chile

5. Arashiyama Bamboo Brove, Japan

It is on the outskirt of Kyoto. Besides other beauty this place has the highest bamboo in the world one must visit ad see the largest and the tallest bamboo. This place was added with the sound like wood creaking, leaves rustling that creates the most amazing view to be observed and stands on the top 100 soundscapes of japan.

6. Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar:

This place is separated from Africa by 250 miles of water.this place is the place of adventures where one can enjoy by looking at beautiful scenes of the avenue.including moths, bug eyed lemur. The old tress reach 100 feet and this add great glamour and beauty to baobabs.

7. The Azores, Portugal

9oo miles off the coast of Lisbon. A steep ocean cliffs ,blue hydrangeas and waterfall makes this place paradise so everyone is eager to visit this most beautiful place the verdant valley added color to the beauty by inspiring it as the wanderlust it is scattered waterfalls make it the most beautiful place to visit.

The Azores, Portugal

8. Banff national park, Canada

Famous place of Canada for its Canadian Rockies and cast of wildlife, as earlier mentioned wildlife is also a factor to make the place beautiful of all. This place is famous for its beautiful lakes including moraine lack, glacial lake Minnewanka each one is more pristine and vivid to observe the beauty of this place.

9. Boracay, Philippines

Indicated as the best islands due to its gentle smooth coastline in addition to it, transporting sunset make it the gorgeous place. This place has gained lot of fame for tourists. Now opened for limited number of visitors per day. This can be the heart of Philippines because it became center of tourist.

Boracay, Philippines

10. Boulder beach, South Africa

Located in False Bay of coastline, this place is famous for blue water because it looks the most attractive part of any natural has granite boulders and penguins that adds beauty to it. People used to sit and observe the beauty. Moreover it is place for swimming where people enjoy it in summer most of the time. This is the most attractive and fascinating and people keep on admiring it and often visit this place.

Boulder beach, South Africa

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