The Amazing Mind Palace

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Do you want to ace in tests? And want to be smart? There are a lot of techniques out there for the purpose of training your mind to be useful and smart. Among many, there is one popular trick called the ‘memory palace’.

What Is The Memory Palace?

A memory palace is an easy and effective way to organize all the things to remember in such a way that would be long-lasting. If used correctly, you can store a lot of information in your mind with little space. Every great memory person in the history has used memory palace trick one way or another. A great example of this is the all-time famous detective Sherlock Holmes (the real one, maybe those actors too). Just think of a place you are most familiar with, with all the details and everything. Place the information in sequence on the way as you go to to the end. Might feel a little weird for some of you, but it really works.

Uses Of Mind Palace

Instead of all the messed up information in the brain, when is stacked up in a proper manner, it’s easier to recall information when needed. Public speakers can store their speech productively. Lawyers can stack up all the articles needed in the court for their support. Comedian can learn all the jokes they want. All the key steps you want to learn call be memorized easily; like martial arts, dance moves etc. Checklists for housewives. I don’t even have to mention the benefits doctors and students would get from it. Hence, mind palace is great for all people of all type.

Uses Of Mind Palace

How To Create Memory Palace

The first thing to be noted is that you need to think of a place most familiar to you. I can be your home or your aunt’s home, even the street outside your home would work. If you can, walk through space and remember the things along with it. It would help loads.

Then try to fit the information in sequence along the way. Make interesting stories that describe something that you want to learn. Make sure to ass emotions in them. If some of you are still with me I’m sure you would think of this as crazy, but bear with me.

Remember Memory Palace

If you want to make sure to keep your mind palace intact along with all the information with it, explore your mind palace for at least 15 minutes a day. For this exercise to be more effective, make sure that this exercise is done timely on daily basis. Keep a specific time in the day doing so. Build new places for new topics and information. It would be easier.

Places For Mind Palace

If you run out of places to think of, you can use the apartment of your favourite television series. But this is the point where you get really good at this. You can even include the coffee place you go daily to or the mall or even your school.

Places For Mind Palace

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