The Top 10 best Xbox Games Of The Decade

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1-Forza Horizon 4

It is one of the best Xbox games. A feature of the last few years for the Xbox One has been the release of new games from a new fan-favorite series, but a new developer is taking the reins. The British developer Playground Games may have made a living by making the original Forza Horizon title on the Xbox 360, giving the Forza creators 10 breaks to prepare their next game, but Horizon 4 is an amazing feat in every way. There are even two sub-brands in the eyes of some people that make the series their favorite.

With the series’ previous great work, the Playground splashed some “burnout paradise” on Forza Horizon 4 with freedom of magic. There has never been a moment of rage in the form of a Scottish version, earning points for every word you do. . This car Clicathon is running happily, and while it’s easily one of the best Xbox games, it’s one of the best driving games of the last decade, full stop, especially now brand new in the form of a boy Content Added Format Yes, you heard, fighting with Royal… cars.

Forza Horizon 4

2-Gears Of War 4

It is not easy to redefine the chain that revolutionized a genre. The gears of the Epic Games‘ war franchise popularized the core-fighter and featured a gun with chinos. The new Cold War was made more difficult in pursuit of the new Studio War game, as the previous mainline game eliminated a trinity, ending the story of many fans’ favorite characters. Thankfully, the series was in good hands, but, and the alliance created a process of weakly capturing the gears, which included new characters and new, exciting mechanics that took care of us all. War started with the change, which was just about shooting things. A series about shooting things but also thinking about it.

3-Sae Of Thieves

Who doesn’t love to be a pirate? After being relatively quiet for most of the Xbox One’s life, Nayab has always done what Nayab always does: send something unique and incredible. With the fascination typically associated with a Nintendo game, Nayab developed a title that fostered a real community that would play by rules that did not apply. Relying on the internet is a dangerous thing, but it is played online with the right spirit. Rare soul, say something. From fishing to combat, to piloting your ship, pirates have so much character and joy that it easily becomes one of the best Xbox games out there, and it’s a design that’s new to digital Constantly ready to add methods. Jack Sparrow.

4-Quantum Number

As a bizarre boss, treatment can always be relied on to challenge ideas and shake things up. Not content to watch beautiful games to break the quantum, they even work on strange time-based powers and a TV show. Yes, a whole TV show, with real actors and everything. The idea is that you run an episode of the game and then watch an episode of the Quantum Break TV show that fills you up with the activities of the supporting characters.

In many ways, Quantum Brake Fight paved the way for Remedy’s most recent game, Control, using physics the same way and wherever you see fit. Relied on to overcome the fighting. Whether you’re short of time to jump on your enemies or blink and be out of existence, it’s fast and exciting. Equivalent parts Strange and wonderful, Quantum Break is an experience that paid a lot for Xbox and treatment.

Quantum Number


A reaction to both old-fashioned cartoons, but also the troubles of antiquity, Cuphead is a carefully designed, beautiful-looking bass rush-shoot MM-up that also platforms in the mix. It not only demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to bringing incredible new experiences to the Xbox platform but also its new commitment to India. From grandeur to humor, Cuphead is full of character and charm, but it’s a rewarding experience from start to finish, even ways to get over it after a credit roll. Presents It will take four years to get our consoles, but this is one of the best indies you’ve ever played, and comfortably one of the best Xbox games – and two years after launch, no more special thanks Partnership with Microsoft Nintendo,


What do you do when you want to get people excited about a new first-person shooter? That’s what you add to Response Entertainment. Team Behind Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare quit activation and reformed as Response in 2010, and their first game was an Xbox Special. Oh, and that includes wall-mounted and giant temple matches that you can call from space. This FPS is amazing with tight controls, beautiful movement, and a feeling that some other developers in space can match. This game certainly laid the foundation for Titan Fall 2, but also the universe in which Apex Legends is based. The response is an expert in their skills.

7-Forza Motorsports 7

When you think of racing games, you think it’s 10 and Forza’s turn. These days you also have to consider the phrase “funny graphics”, because the scene of Forza Motorsport 7 blew our socks, then went out of our eye sockets. We may be getting good consoles in 2020, but for the last 10 years, the Forza Motorsport Racing game has been dominating in a sim style, getting better and better with each passing iteration. The seventh game of the series features custom driver and dynamic weather, which, in view of the cockpit, is extremely difficult to navigate, especially when your jaw is on the floor because of how realistic it looks. One of the best racing games of the last 10 years, as well as one of the best Xbox games.

8-Halo 4

If the Alliance is having trouble with Gears of War 4, 343 Industries had the impossible task of making the first Nun Bongi Hello game in the series and, then, had to reboot with some of the most beloved gaming titles. You can only use the phrase “end the fight” so many times, so fans are wondering what 343 will do. The answer was simple: give us more of what we wanted and start a new story in the Hello universe. Focusing on the relationship between Master Chief and Cortana (among other things), Hello 4 maintained the same brilliant action that made it a favorite of many FPS out there, but it Made things modern and it was more cinematic than ever. An excellent Xbox game? You bet it was.

9-Ori And Blind Forest

These days, the phrase “Metrodonia” is all the rage and developers everywhere are making their turn on the genre, but to bring it back into popularity, a game, this game was taken. When Ori and Blind Forest was first released in 2015, all we knew was that it looked and felt amazing and that perhaps the story would be ready to capture the heart. We certainly didn’t expect to be in the bits within 30 minutes of the game.

But beauty denied the true nature of Ori and Blind Forest. Moon Studios’ first title was sometimes brutally difficult and you needed to save as much as you needed, even when you had enough money to do so. This carefully designed puzzle-platform requires precision and concentration as you upgrade and backtrack your way through the beautiful jungle in an attempt to bring balance back to the world. A sequel has been announced for 2020, and like Ori and Blind Forest, we bet it will be the best Xbox game on such lists by the end of 2020s. Okay fine.

10-Gears 5

After the coalition provided us with protection in the glorious campaign of War 4, all thoughts turned to this killer question: what will happen now? In 2019, with the power of the Xbox One X, most people thought Gears 5 would look good, but no one knew it was going to be one of the best console games ever. With the tremendous use of HDR lighting, Hurricanes felt almost real in the game developed by War Gears – not just something different, but something that now belongs to the Alliance. Even a killer audio mix elevates Gears 5 above the competition: the game feels like a war.

An amazing array of methods made Gears one of the best value offers out there, but for the team, it was enough. was not. On top of that, the Alliance made the single-player campaign even bigger than ever, incorporating elements of the open world, side quests, and a great environment to find the vehicle. Some of the socks in Gear 5 may pop and be “more like that”, but it was nothing, and even with a new console in less than a year, it’s a great Xbox game. Which you can play. Absolutely necessary, compelling, and very simple breathing.

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