The Top 10 Biggest Animals In The World

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Here are the top 10 biggest animals in the world. Let check them out.

1: Blue Whale

The blue whale is the largest animal in the world with its gigantic size reaching around 130meters in length and weight of around 180 tons. The blue whale’s heart is approx. the size of a car and the tongue can weight as an elephant. A baby blue whale weighs approximately 3 tons and the biggest whale recorded is 190 tons.

Blue Whale

2: African Bush Elephant.

Among the two existing species of African Elephants, African Bush Elephant is the biggest animal because of its weight, which can reach up to 6000 kgs. It can grow 4.5 meters tall at the shoulders and six meters long. They are one of the threatened species.

African Bush Elephant.

3: Giraffe.

The giraffe is one of the biggest land animals because of having a 6 meters tall height. A well-grown giraffe’s neck is approx. 2 meters long and tongue can be half a meter long. A newly born giraffe is already 2 meters tall and their gestation period is 15 months.


4: Wandering Albatross.

Considered among the biggest animals existing, Wandering Albatross has a wingspan of 3.5 meters which allows them to glide a long distance without flapping their wings. They spend most of their life gliding and land only for breeding and feeding. They are the biggest bird existing on earth.

Wandering Albatross.

5:Common Ostrich

Ostriches spend their life on the ground and are considered as the heaviest and biggest bird on earth with their gigantic weight of 160 kgs and a height of 2 to 2.7 meters. They are fast and can run up to 160 mph but are flightless. Ostriches can survive for days without water by using their internal water and extracting from vegetation.

common ostrich

6: Orca

Orca is the biggest animal in the Delphinidae family of oceanic dolphins and is also called as killer whales. A single orca can eat up to 230kg of food a day and weight up to 5400kgs with a length of 8 meters. Orca eats anything they get from the oceans targeting small fishes and other whales like them. They have good hunting techniques and vocal communication. They are found all over the world oceans.


7: Polar bear.

Polar bears are the biggest carnivorous animal in the world. When standing on its hind legs, polar bears are 3 meters tall and weight about 700 kilograms. Polar bears are born on land but they spend most of their life in sea ice. They hunt seals on the ice and freezing ice of the arctic. Polar bears are among the most endangered species.

8: Whale Shark.

The whale shark is among the biggest ocean animals and is a weight of around 19 tons. They can reach the length up to 12 meters. The whale shark is a filter feeder and eats krills, planktons, and other small fishes.

9: Saltwater Crocodile.

The scariest and biggest reptile animal on the planet is the saltwater crocodile. Their weight can be a half-ton and can grow up to 7 meters long. They can pray a water buffalo, sharks, and anything that comes in their reach. They can swallow they’re whole pray at once instead of tearing them into chunks.

Salt water crocodile:

10: Green Anaconda.

The green anaconda can weigh upto 250 kilograms and can grow 7 meters long with a diameter of 30cm. They are mostly found in swamps, marshes, and streams. With their green color, sharp nose, and eyes they can sense their pray and wait for the right time to attack. They can swallow almost everything. Deers, pigs, and jaguars are their favorite meals. They are among the biggest animals around the world.

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