Tips To Burn 400 Calories In 15-Minutes

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You burn 400 calories constantly throughout the day – when you walk, sit, run, and even sleep! But sometimes, if you want long-term benefits, it won’t go away.

Don’t get me wrong, the calories from your daily activities can certainly increase in a positive way, but if you want to burn a lot of calories to have a significant effect on your health, you can give me a little extra effort. Will need to That means, exercise! And this HIIT full physical workout has everything you need to get the job done quickly!

How To Burn More Than 400 Calories In 18 Minutes

One of the greatest stories in the world of health and fitness is that you need to exercise at the end of the hour to lose weight. While this may be true for those who choose low-intensity, steady-state exercise (LISS), weight loss is not the only option. Extreme Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, was designed to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time, making it one of the most popular forms of exercise today. Why I am

Any type of exercise – bodyweight training, strength training, cardio, in whatever form, no limits, HIIT can be applied.

However, if you want to burn as many calories as possible, you should choose exercises that target all the muscles in your body. Thanks to Ness Y for this amazing HIIT full physical workout, right? Full body workout height.

How To Burn More Than 400 Calories In 18 Minutes

How Does Your Body Burn Calories?

If you have questions about how this HIIT full body workout can burn 400 calories in less than 20 minutes, we’ve got the answers. The way your body burns calories is actually very simple. Each form of physical activity has a similar MET score. The MET (Work Metabolic Equivalent) number is used to estimate the amount of energy (in calories) used to complete normal activities.

To determine how many calories you will burn during a particular exercise, you will need to know the MET score associated with the activity and your weight in kilograms (kg). According to the Combination of Physical Activity (World Record for MET Score for Physical Activity), circuit training that includes aerobic exercise with little rest has a MET value of 8.

Here’s how to burn some calories from any exercise:

(Your weight in kilograms) x (MET value) = Calories burned per hour

Here’s how we calculated this HIIT full body workout. (For reference, we have used the average weight of women in the United States [168.4lbs] as our scale weight in this formula).

(76.4 kg) x (8) = 608 calories burned per hour

Since this exercise is only 18 minutes and not a full hour, we need to adjust the calories burned per hour for the proper length of exercise. Once we did that, we found that this exercise burns 425 calories in a time frame of 18 minutes! Great!

So, 18 minutes of HIIT (at 168lbs) burns 425 calories!

How To Burn More Even More Calories

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Exercise your body to lose fat

Hit Full Body Workout Routine

For this HIIT full physical workout, complete 10 shows of each workout and do not rest a bit between exercises. Each exercise should be completed with maximum intensity! If you’re not sure if you’re working too hard here, one tip – your heart should be beating fast, you should be breathing hard, and it should be difficult to communicate. You can even break a sweat! In this way, you burn 400 calories.

Complete the maximum round of this exercise for a total of 18 minutes, so you will want a timer for it. When the timer runs out, you’re done! It will be difficult, but once you finish, you will be amazed that you have burned so many calories.

Time to go to work! Exercise is here

  •  boards
  •  walking feet
  •  side ling torso turns
  •  laying ab tucks
  •  inchworm-push ups

Hit Full Body Workout Routine

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