Tips to Decorate your House and Make it more Beautiful

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Set the Tone at the Front Door

First impression of everything must be surprising that is praised by everyone. To make your house impressive first of all paint the main gate with vibrant color. Put a door mate according to the color of the door you painted. Get rid of outdate screen door.

Make sure your Sofa talk to Chairs

When you are arranging the furniture in your house just think about the arrangements of furniture in five star hotels and arrange the furniture in balance. Do not put all the furniture against the walls.


Wall Paint

Paint your house walls with light and neutral colors like beige, Gary and off-white. Do not use dark colors on the wall. It will looks like the house of monster.

Let the Sun shines in

Design your house in such a manner that windows and ventilator a directed towards the sun. Use thin fiber for curtains so that the sun shines in your house. Make a sun room on the top of your house.

Mirror in room

Mirror is very much important component. It is advised to hang mirror in each room. Hang mirror on the wall in such a manner that they are perpendicular to the windows

Artwork for the wall

Hang attractive frames and artwork to the wall. In your bedroom hang your family photo in large size. In lounge hang different types of frames that attract the eyes of others.



Put rungs in living area under sofas and chairs. Rug must be positioned in the centre of living room. Buy rug according to your sofa color it will look good.



Give outdated furniture and buy furniture that is in fashion and consult with interior designer; he or she will help to buy the furniture according to your house space.

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