Top 09 Best Xbox One Racing Games Of All Times

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Racing games have come a long way since the original PlayStation Gran Torsomo, or Super Mario Kart on SNES. Nowadays, Xbox one racing games include highly realistic and stunning graphics, where screenshots can be mistaken for real-life imagery. If you have an Xbox One and are looking for some great racing games, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. While you won’t have access to PlayStation’s exclusive Gran Torsomo series, Microsoft has its winner with the Forza lineup to win the game.

1- Nascar Heat 4:

Nascar heat is a famous racing game on Xbox. There is a lot of fun in this game. It has many editions releases day by day. This is the game in which you can qualify for the pro-NASCAR league. Nascar heat series is best among them all racing games on Xbox. The race ticket in NASCAR heat is about 50$. 38 big tracks available in this game. 150 racer in which you can qualify for the championship. The pro league offer comes after winning in local leagues. There all million of Xbox users fond of racing games. This is best for all gamers.

Nascar Heat 4:

2- Breaking of law Need for Speed:

The need for speed is the best game so far on Xbox. It is the oldest edition of any racing game. There is a movie made on this game released in 2019. Many gamers on Xbox are very fond of NFS editions. This is a very good game ever on Xbox. There are 125 cars available in this game. From which you choose any car. This game starts with street racing and then played championships in this game to unlock everything.

3- Team sonic Racing:

The best kid racing game available on Xbox is team sonic racing. This game has a lot of features available. This game is also online and offline. Many of the players on Xbox wants this game. Because it is the best rival in the racing game industry. Many new cars with brilliant features available which unlock level to level. This game is also played with friends.

4. Forza Horizon 4:

This is one of the best racing series on Xbox. There are about 450 cars available in this game. This is open-world game experience. In this game, you can suffer from every condition in the world like wet, dry, and snowy. This series is different from Forza motorsport. This game is played worldwide. This is the game in which you feel the open-world experience.

5. Burn out paradise:

Another brilliant game releasing in 2008. This game is also available on Xbox. If you want fun in racing the game best for you. Many additional features are available in its new version. 10 tracks and 100 cars to have fun on Xbox. This is the best place for worldwide racing gamers. Burnout paradise is also an online game. You also can play with your friends.

6. Forza Motorsport 8:

It is the latest game in the Forza motorsports series. This game released in 2017. The game resolution is about 4k. There is a lot of brilliant features introduce in this open-world game. In this game, you have 700 cars to choose from them. 30 destinations available. This game has a lot of fun for Xbox gamers who like racing. If you want the best racing experience this is best for you.

Forza Horizon 4:

7. F1 2019 Anniversary Edition:

F1 anniversary edition is a game introduced by ea sports. This is the best platform of games that can be attached to you and give every latest update. In this game, you have brilliant features that make the game good. Less number of players qualify in this game. This game is in which if you qualify then you can reach to f2. If you really love this game first you must buy a copy of this game to get a good experience and win games easily on Xbox.

8. Wreckkfast:

Wreckkfast is a game all about destroying. In this open-world brilliant racing game, all the players can fight to reach the finish line by demolition. All the players can play by their best and use power techniques and speed. All the racers fight neck to neck with each other. Customization of cars is also available. Tracks are very dangerous players demolish anything on their way and win the and.

9. Mario Kart for Xbox: Crash Team Racing – Nitro-Fueled

Crash team racing is one of the famous sports and racing games some years ago. At this time a lot of Xbox players which are fond of racing games want this game on their system. This is a racing game that won the award of the best game in 2019. There are a lot of new features introduced in this game. Online playing is also available. A Multiplayer option is given in the game. The customization of cars introduced in this game.

Mario Kart for Xbox: Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

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