Top 10 Best Epic Story Missions In Grand Theft Auto History

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1- Complications

An adventurous Grand Theft Auto mission, in this mission the player, has to sneak into the house and steal a yellow SUV from the garage and take it to the dealership. Michael emerges from the back of the car and points a gun at Franklin. Its a fun mission and the player has to deal with an annoying boss.

2- Marriage Counseling

This Grand Theft Auto mission reveals the secret of Michael’s wife, who was caught cheating on him with a tennis coach. At the start of the mission, Michael and Franklin are seen chasing the tennis coach. Michael almost destroys Martin Madrazo’s mistress house in anger but he realized it later when they were being attacked by a number of gangs. Franklin was protecting Michael and himself.

Marriage Counseling

3- Crystal Maze

Trevor is the main character of the Grand Theft Auto story. Many gangs were chasing to kill him. In this mission, he goes after O’Neil brothers after they steal his business. This is a fun but difficult mission, Trever has to kill every gangster who stands in his way and blows O’Neil brother’s house in the very end.

4- Three’s Company

IIA is interrogating Ferdinand Kemirov, who was considered dead but showed up again. This Grand Theft Auto mission includes all three characters and they have to help FIB in kidnapping Ferdinand Kemirov. Each character plays its important role, Franklin is ready for backup with a sniper rifle, Trevor flies the helicopter and Michael rappels down tp kidnap Ferdinand Kemirov.

5- Blitz Play

Another Grand Theft Auto mission includes three main characters of the story. In this mission, they are tasked to loot an armored truck. They use a garbage truck to stop the armored truck in on its way to the IAA office. The players have to collect the money after ramming the armored truck. Chaos takes place and everyone shows their shooting skills. Another fun thing about this mission is that the player can be switched at any moment during the fight.

6- The Jewel Score

A heist mission with strategy, this mission introduces the heist tricks to the players. Michael and Franklin are about to loot the jewelry store after knocking down everyone with sleeping gas or by robbing everyone at the gunpoint. This fun Grand Theft Auto mission gives you choices. In the end, you would have to reach a safe place driving away from the cops.

7- The Bureau Raid

This tragedic Grand Theft Auto mission includes two main characters. Michael and Franklin are ordered to steal the files from the FIB building. This mission gives you two choices either use a helicopter, parachute down to the roof, and steal the files facing chaos. OR place the bombs in the janitor and rigs of the building and then go there as firemen to steal the files.

8- The Paleto Score

In the most insane mission in the Grand Theft Auto story, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are tasked to steal 8 million dollars from the Paleto Bay bank which has high security. Characters are given heavy weapons and armors, as they would have to deal with cops, local army, and tanks. This mission is high in action and characters have to get away from the chaos with the money. Keeping everything simple and calm is not part of this mission.

9- The big score

This Grand Theft Auto mission gives the player goosebumps as they are going to rob the Union Depository. The mission gives you two choices. In the first condition, characters can be switched with the drivers of the gold bar, which is quite a difficult thing to do. In the other condition, characters can break through the walls and steal the gold. This mission seems stealth but is a high action after chaos starts between characters and the police. Franklin, Trevor, and Michael have to fight for their lives.

10- The Third Way

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin have faced every difficulty together that comes in their way. This is the last mission of the Grand Theft Auto story. Franklin is asked to kill either Michael or Trevor but they preferred to find a third way. A shoot-out takes place between the characters and FIB. This ends up with each character fighting against a single opponent. This is a satisfying end to the story after they kill the last person who had been a torture to them since he came to their lives.

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