Top 10 best Health Benefits Of Bananas

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Bananas are very good for health. There are a lot of benefits of bananas. This is the fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. It is one of the popular fruit around the globe. It’s a benefit to each step of growing. Here we explain the 10 health benefits of bananas.

1.Promote Weight Loss:

Yellow bananas have a lot of health benefits. There are about 100 calories in yellow bananas. This helps a lot in weight loss. The people want to lose their weight usually prescribed by doctors to use bananas in their diet. The high intake of it decreases the overall calories of the day. There is a lot of fiber in yellow bananas as well as green bananas. They are easily digestible. The use of green bananas is very good.

Promote Weight Loss:
2.Boost energy and increase stamina:

Bananas are a high boost for the body. It can give an immediate boost to the body after eating this. Sportsmans use this in their diet to increase their stamina and endurance. This is because of potassium and magnesium in it. Bananas are made of glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These are best for energy and boost of body

Boost energy and increase stamina:
3.Good for pregnant women:

Bananas are the source of folic acid which is highly needed for pregnant women. Bananas are very helpful for women in pregnancy period. Because of high potassium in it, it can make the salt level good in the body. Bananas are very helpful because of the sugar level in the body of women is settled by bananas. Bananas have fructose which quickly gets Into the blood and makes NO of body level. It is best for morning sickness avoided. The fiber in it is soo good to avoid constipation.

4.Keep bones strong:

There are many benefits of bananas. Because bananas contain potassium, magnesium, vitamin c, and many carbohydrates in it. This helps a lot in making bones strong. Players want this because they need stronger bones to fight in the field. There are many carbohydrates in it that covert into enzymes. These enzymes are digestive. They make strong bones in the human body. Bananas are best for the intellect of humans.

Keep bones strong:

5.Improves Male Health:

Bananas are very good for the health of the male. It is full of nutrients and helps a lot for making body stamina and endurance. Before every sports event if players take bananas this is the best choice. It play important role in making sex hormones. It increases the sexual libido function of the male body. Bananas are the best food ever in many circumstances of life. It increases the intellect or IQ of the male body.

Improves Male Health:

6.Improves mood and mental health:

Bananas are very beneficial for the mood of the human body. Tryptophan is the best hormone of the human body which converting into serotonin and is best for making the mood of the human body. This is present in bananas in high quantities. Serotonin is the best hormone which makes a schedule of sleep of human. If it’s quantity is high in the body it makes the mood better. It increases in the body by taking proper sleep.

.Improves mood and mental health:
7.Skin and health care:

For the skin and hair, the peel of the banana is too good. Its benefits are too extended. The peel is also good for the skin if it is mashed and use with yogurt and turmeric it gives good results. It is best for removing acne from the skin. It is an antioxidant that is also best for hairs. If mosquito bites the mashed peel remove the pimple of it from the body. Also, remove other pimples of the body. On hairs, if mashed peel use with lemon juice makes a good combination and makes hair very silky and black.

Skin and health care:

8.Control Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure of the body makes the mood and health of the body. For this potassium and magnesium are needed. There are many benefits of bananas in whole life. Bananas are full of potassium and magnesium. A single banana has 16 percent of magnesium and 12 percent of magnesium. They are very good for blood pressure leveling. This makes the body condition body good. Also, decrease the chances of heart diseases.

Control Blood Pressure:

9.Superfood for endurance athletes:

Athletes are very strict with their body condition. After the workout which is too hard, they are in need of vitamin c and vitamin B6. These all are present in a banana. They use bananas for their best infield. Bananas decrease the rate of diseases like AIDS and heart diseases. For endurance athletes, the best thing is a banana to remain away from cramping in muscles. Bananas settle the hydration process in the body which avoids the athlete to cramp in muscles. The cramping is due to dehydration and lack of lactic acid in the body.

Superfood for endurance athletes:

10.Improve Gut Health And Digestion

Yellow bananas are very useful in making digestion easy. They are helpful when you are facing diseases such as Gut diseases or constipation. Digestion is the main benefit of yellow bananas. Bananas also contain many fibers which are very helpful in maintaining body metabolism. They also play an important role in making our immune system strong.

Improve Gut Health And Digestion


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